Nelson really didn't like the Frenchies

I think he has it right. He actually states that the French Republicans are 'thieves, murderers, oppressors and infidels' rather than the whole of the French people, not that he liked the rest much either. It is an important distinction.


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' From this day forward , you must hate a Frenchman as you would the very Devil'

Our Nel to his nephew on receiving the boy as a new midshipman.

A toast: The Immortal Memory !

( Huzza!)
It has always been expedient to demonise the enemy- be he frog, hun, ivan, paddy or terry (I've used lower case because non of the rancid scum deserve capital letters ;-) )
Hate the French?


Their chicks are ******* hot. Most of ours, even the hot ones, only just manage tepid, and that's in the jewellers.

Sophie Marceau. Mmmmmm

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