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Nelson Mandela

Discussion in 'Blue Jokes' started by Fablonbiffchitthe1st, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. Thousands of people are gathering outside Nelson Mandelas house....Delboy and Rodney have told them to fuck off

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  2. After the breaking news of his death well wishers gathered outside Nelson Mandela's house singing and dancing celebrating his life.

    But when I did it after my mother in-law died I was a heartless bastard.
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  3. Looks like Uncle Ben will have to find some other fucker to put on their rice
  4. Uncle Ben's dead!!! Haven't you heard ? Yup- no more Mr rice guy !! I'll get me coat !!

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  5. Let's take a moment and give a few minutes silence..tick, tick, tick, tick....PING! ImageUploadedByARRSE1386416069.153820.jpg

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  6. So Winnie won't get a necklace for Christmas? Damn shame.

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  7. Kwik Fit have a two for one offer though !!
  8. I'd give her a pearl necklace

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  9. SPIDER38

    SPIDER38 On ROPs

    nelson mandela,bob geldoff and bono are on a plane when the pilot comes out and says were on fire and going down,geldoff straight away takes charge opens up a cupboard and see's only three parachutes for the four people on board-----

    so he starts handing them out,first to the pilot he says "you were just doing your job flying the plane its not your fault"---pilot clips on jumps out.----

    next he gives one to mandela and says "you are an inspiration to every black person on earth,mandela clips on and jumps--

    so bono looks at the last chute and geldoff offers it to him,bono shouts out "i can't take this you'll certainly die bob,

    bob screams back "don't worry i gave mandela your rucksack"--------
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  10. She's 77, and you need serious professional help!
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