Nelson Mandela walks into a bar

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Placebo, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. Too soon?
  2. Well that was a shite joke.
  3. Just an opportunity to say the words "too soon" which is a product of the anxiety-ridden form of modern comedy derived from TV show formats such as Seinfeld, Friends etc. A lot of Jewish writers, producers and investors have contributed to these shows ensuring their form of uncomfortable and awkward 'comedy' permeates most Western cultures these days. I, for one, am a little bored of it after ten years of it.
    Time for a comedy revolution comrades. It is time.
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  4. Did he go "Oof! Who put that bar there?"
  5. we could start by burning every recording of Dhama and Greg.
  6. i had to look that up on google...i remember now have seen a few minutes before turning off. i was possibly looking at the screen sideways for a few minutes like a confused dog. comedy?

    let's go steady with the burning references here ok?
  7. and while we are at it, can we bung that twat Gervais on the fire?
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  8. Dhama and Greg, of course, was comedy gold when compared to "According To Jim" - without doubt the worst sitcom ever. In terms of the original question, its never too soon. I was making jokes about the plane flying into the WTC before the second plane had even hit.
  9. ohhhh yes. yes we can. a log loader may be needed for this pyre. quite a lot of dead wood about.
  10. Why the long face?
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  11. I tried watching Seinfeld - WTF was funny about it? What a complete pile of dog poo.
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  12. should we start a whiny thread about modern humour? has been done tho has it not?
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  13. I think the only people laughing were the writers and actors, laughing (hysterically) all the way to the bank.