Nelson Mandela Party

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ukdaytona, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. WHY is this being shown on TV, why are we having to put up with this crap yet again.

    A 90yo South African has be given more respect by broon and his cronies and the TV stations. Why are the Troop Processions and Home Comings not being televised ??

    I would sooner see those who have served their country than someone who has done nothing for this country....

    Is it just me ????
  2. she looked like she'd bathed in fake tan to hide her paleness.
  3. We have a tradition of lauding old terrorists from wherever they come from.
    It also gives the 'celebs' a chance to jump on the bandwagon.
  4. Why is it always a bloody pop concert, he's 90 for gods sake. I'm about halfway there and I can't stand this wretched "music". It seems that every damn Diana,Mandela,Bleeding heart liberal,Starving children in Glasgow has to have a Pop concert, hasn't anyone got a bit of imagination?
  5. Just heard Stephen Fry saying he'd been locked up for crimes he did'nt commit........really I was under the impression it was for directing terrorist actions ! but at least he can be proud to have changed South Africa into a land where after he got into power life the average life expectancy dropped by 21 years and violent crime went up by 400% along with corruption and turning a blind eye to Bob Mugabes tyrannical goverment........
  6. I think that's a bit harsh on Stephen Fry.
  7. How fcuking tedious. At Glastonbury last year TV presenters donned wellies, jeans and baggy colour pullovers to suddenly became hippies. Now Philip Schofield and a bunch of rich barstards on stage age bigging it up for a 90 year old foreign wog and every A, B and C lister is verbally sucking the old guy off. Why can't people be true to themselves?

    You know you're in Blackland when Denzel Washington, Will Smith and Morgan Freeman are strutting their stuff. Have they wheeled out Muhammad Ali and that knighted newsreader yet? Sorry, I'm not racist but this is shamefully hypocritical.

    Oh and BTW, 8 year olds no longer can win football trophies anymore, it sets the wrong tone for the kids that don't win them. I think they call them 'fcuking loser kids'. CEEFAX page 571, now.
  8. Sorry, I forgot to mention. Earlier, laugh? I almost pi55ed my pants when David Beckham was wishing Mandela a happy birthday, telling us what an inspiration he is to us all (glad he told me, I wasn't aware I was inspired by the old codger, but there you go). Could almost see the strings working David's jaw. Fcuk off David, he's not your dad.

    Who remembers when the 'anthem' 'Free Nelson Mandela' came out in the 80s? I distinctly remember bazillions of frizzy haired tarts in white stiletos dancing around their handbags to it, wondering who and what the fcuk the song was all about. "How about freeing my straining c0ck because there's more chance of that getting out tonight than that Mandela bloke". I never actually said that BTW.....
  9. I rather liked Nelson Mandela (or thought that I did). Shame about the rest of his party/followers though. It is also shamefull that it has taken him so long to say anything against Mugabe (and that was week).

    Africa! Well run isn't it?

    WTF is it with African leadership? Killing fellow Africans is not good but criticising an African leader that does such things is worse. F-ed up continent indeed.

    Mandela is their shining light and now, damned near ineffective.

    On BBC right now: Selective figures used. Celebrating his triumph in saving black South Africans from evil white rule (BTW I agree that white minority rule was/is wrong). However they completely ignore the fact that crime has escalated there and life is actually worse now for a lot of people living there. To add insult to injury, Amy Whinehouse played a significant part. Who the hell would consider her a leading light in politics?

    While crap like that is accepted we (the World) will be fecked.

    Government by celebrity? How good is that?
  10. Have the Spice Girls chipped in yet?
  11. Im suprised they havent issued a formal apology to Nissan maindealer or whatever hes called for "Opressing his ancestors" or other such drivel, this year Mandela, next year it will be Mugabe.

    P.s my father in Laws dead now, but Id just like to say "See Mick I told you Labour would fuck the county up again"
  12. Totally agree. James Whale was reviewing the papers on SKY news the other morning and said pretty much the same and then some. It made me chuckle when the Sky presenter was squirming as it clearly wasnt what he was expecting. As for Beckham being "inspired" by him, i didnt know Nelson played football to any great degree, was it some prison league he "set alight", or did he just confine those activities to tyre enwrapped fellow africans?? :evil:
  13. was Elvis there?

  14. Long Live the King !!!!