Nelson Mandela has stopped talking

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. Stopped talking?
    About 70 years to late.
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  2. RIP, dusty in here, on his way to Valhalla etc.

    He was the people's terrorist.
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  3. Hopefully it's extremely contagious.
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  4. I might as well get my condolences in early as I have an appointment with some cider.

    RIP Nellie, you appear to be dying - unlucky.
  5. Let's never ever forget what this man did.

    Let's never ever forget this man was a terrorist. It does seem to slip people's minds.
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  6. I folllowed the link and the telegraph told me to **** off. Doing a news search for "Nelson mandela has stopped talking" throws this thread up as the fifth return.

    Bad luck for anyone searching for proper news if this kind of thing is likely to happen
  7. It may well be he has **** all to say......just saying like!
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  8. Oh I think a lot of us know exactly what he was and also how so many of our politicians sucked up to him.
  9. If ARRSE goes on long enough some ****** will be RIPing Adams and McGuinness.
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  10. Let's not forget that this man lived in a country where they discriminated against their own citizens because of the colour of their skin. People were oppressed, tortured and killed because they simply were not white people and Mandela fought against it and was imprisoned for much of his life because he believed in equality for everybody regardless of the colour of their skin.

    Given the same oppression against me and people like me, I'd be upset and want to change it!
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  11. And the sooner the ******* better!
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  12. Somebody warm up Morgan Freeman again.
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  13. He'll be free then.
  14. Doubtful, neither of them have been portrayed by Morgan Freeman or Dennis Haysbert.