Nell McAndrews Breasts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Infiltrator, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. Apparantly Nell admits to still breast feeding her 2 year old toddler....

    She says "As Devon grows up, I won't be able to stop his aches and pains, or prevent accidents or heartache. And he'll certainly be too old to simply latch on for comfort."

    I wouldn't be though! Can I come and take over when she's finished with him!

    If I were her kid I'd wanna breastfeed till I was 37!
  2. She looks fcuking awful in those TV adverts she does these days. Something to do with the militant lesbian look her stupid haircut gives her.
  3. Just to remind ourselves what the little darling might be suckling

  4. A better reminder

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  5. Oh, because she soooooo wouldn't get it with that hairstyle! Bolox she wouldn't! If you had the chance you'd go there...don't deny it!
  6. Ahhhh the militant lesbian look, i miss that so

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  7. Bitty!
  8. She doesn't look like that in the adverts !
  9. agree with that totally.
  10. Well seeing as she had silicone bags put in there many moons ago, there can't be much to suckle on.

    I agree she looks a bloody mess in the actimel adverts.

    And she sounds thick as two short planks.

    "Do you end up feeling bloooor-ted?"

    Does that mean the same as bloated? Who knows.
  11. She's a right fcuking cow as well, at least she was when I met her last. "Urrr maarr guuwdd, nuuuuh waaaaahhyy". Fcuking northerners.
  12. Can someone just post a clack shot so that this dull thread can get binned.

    Knocker's normally got a good sense of humour but even he seems to be falling asleep.
  13. Fortunately for you then, that's unlikely to happen.
  14. Wet nursing is when a nurse or nanny is employed to breast feed the child in their care, not done anymore but was common practice in victorian times, when mothers that were well to do would employ a nanny to deal with every aspect of childcare, including feeding them.
  15. As opposed to what they normally get which is a knife to the throat and bundled into the boot of a car.