Neither Blair or Brown attend Parliament for Iraq Debate


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The header says it all really.

Scheduled Iraq debate in Parliament today. Brown didn't attend and Bliar was attending some sort of business meeting and could not make it (Probably a Halliburton sponsored event).

It shows the complete lack of respect for parliament, our democracy AND the soldiers who are fighting and dying for his causes.

Too afraid to debate the point?

Edited 'cos I can't sepll!


There actions speak volumes.... they cannot defend the undefendable. And they have had 2 weeks with there spin doctors to get a few good one liners out..


Seen it on Sky news this AM but could'nt find a link.Apparently the lads are'nt as high up on the great plan as a photo call


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RFUK - your chair! Let's have pithy statement on this please :twisted:
Blair has obviously been taking lessons from Cheney.
Cheney always misses meetings at which he might be called on to explain himself.
He does it deliberately to c'ock a snoot at the very democratic governmental process for which he has no time unless it serves his purpose to turn up and abuse that very process.

Cheney may get away with it because he has powerful interests on side to protect him but Blair by contrast is increasingly exposed and friendless.
To not be there to defend the war he started and by so doing show at least a modicum of respect for the troops that are fighting is beyond disgust.

Soon enough though as his star diminishes he's going to become every body's favourite scapegoat.
Giblets said:
RFUK - your chair! Let's have pithy statement on this please :twisted:

Yes come on RFUk a bit pith wouldn't go amiss - but just wipe the spit of rage off the screen or you wont be able to see what you are writing.
Rick shaw,
It's Rumsfeld that has gone.
Cheney's days are numbered too; the Scooter Libby trial (who the hell names their child "Scooter" ????) as Libby has indicated he will not go down alone. The Democrats will gleefully pick up every morsel of the trial and throw it at Bush and the Republicans.

About time that 5 deferment duty dodging **** got his come-uppance. I look forward to the day when he and Bliar are in the clink

BTW, if you want to know who's bright idea it was to disband the Iraqi Army, it emenated from the Office of the Vice-President....
Thanks, for reminding me from now on I am going to call Blair, Tony 'I had other priorities' Blair.

A synchronicity is emerging as the legal beavers move in on the White House the police are moving ever closer to Blair.
This kind of behaviour gives the lie to the oft-repeated assertion that our lives are under constant threat from the mysterious and shadowy Al Quaeda.

In other words, if the great British public are under siege by Islamist terror, and Iraq is obviously a related issue, key players and decision-makers should be there at the forefront, sorting out the mess, protecting the public and doing their damnedest to help to promote ours and our troops' safety abroad.

They got us into this mess and they can damn well get us out of it.


I think William Hague (Conservalabourtory)(Richmond N Yorks) summed it up rather well:

“Given the importance of this issue and the strength of feeling in this House about it, this is a debate that the Prime Minister of this country should attend. It is not acceptable to this House and it is quietly unacceptable to many on the other side of the House . that the Prime Minister, having been so keen to lead these debates in the run-up to the war when things were going fine, now prefers, with the whole issue in the balance and 130 British lives lost in Iraq, to skulk out of this chamber to attend to something else. It is sad that he prefers the mentality of the bunker to the open thinking of debate.”

A report from the London Times dated 25 January 2007

Edited to add. To anyone outside of the United Kingdom reading this, I would wish it to be known that the current Prime Minister does not represent me or the majority of the people of this country. He has no mandate since he and his party were elected by a minority of the enfranchised population under a bankrupt electoral system judicially recognised as "disgracing that of a Banana Republic" requiring the future intervention of electoral monitors from the Council of Europe to oversee the next election.

In no way is this repulsive 'Jellyfish' masquerading as a Prime Minister of one of the World's oldest democracies representative of the British People.
Blur can find the testicals to send Men who's ARmy Romour SErvice he is not fit to lick clean, to a place their life and limbs on the line for ?
The Bruin will not provide the nessasary cash for the nessesities of modern war.
Yet Niether has what is required for True Leadership when it comes to answering the arquard questions about the Lies they Generated to put Toms neck on the block.
Scum pure and simple Scum.
Listy said:
You can just see what blair is thinking:

"Crisis? What crisis?"

He's almost certainly thinking it's Boredom Brown's crisis now that he's offski in the next few months.


I think I know why Bliar didn't attend, he had to go to the business meeting to hand out copies of his CV... I think he is busy doing his resettlement training...

But seriously, the fact that not only Bliar but also the PM desig couldn't be bothered is moral cowardice of the highest (or is it lowest?) order. Both are unfit to be PM.
SLRboy said:
Thanks, for reminding me from now on I am going to call Blair, Tony 'I had other priorities' Blair.


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Didnt follow the debate but was told Cameron was'nt there either - can anyone confirm ?

If not why not surely the opportunity to reinforce the absence of the other party's leader would score big politico points ?

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