Neil Kinnock Banned from driving!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bravo2nothing, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. Just waiting for BBC ticker to add the story but what magic....the Liabour Hits just keep on coming...what a week.
  2. Just been announced on the radio news. Does this mean he'll have to hire a chauffeur and if so, I wonder who'll pay his wages?
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Was it for speeding or drinking
  4. Will he be exempt the congestion charge? should he be made to use public transport?
    personally I'd rather see him being driven over by public transport.
  5. Speeding, cheapseats. Twice I think.
  6. On the EU gravy train..
  7. A pity he wasn't banned from breathing as well: Kinnock is a prime example of all that is wrong with BLiar, New Labour and the EU: he is an incompatent, nepotistic and corrupt * of the first order. He and his officials oversaw consecutive years of exploding levels of corruption at the EU and when he was presented with damning evidence by an honest EU accountant who was sickened by the levels of corruption and theft she had found, what did the welsh ginger ** do? He suspended and then fired her (and tried to have her sent to prison and stripped of her professional qualifications). And how many people have been held to account for more than 1 billion quid going missing? No-one. Fantastic. Then to reward this ** further, BLiar made him a Lord.

    I hope the ** gets run over by a truck as he is cycling to work. Ooops, that cannot happen because he has awarded himself a chauffeur for all official and personal transport requirements. Cancer is too good for him and his lying, evil, sponging welsh * of a wife (who was also on stupidly huge amounts of money at the EU while doing sweet FA).
  8. He had to leave the EU to make way for Gordon Brown's chum Mandleson.

    The * is head of the British Council, making sure that every johnny foriegner thinks we are a soft touch.
  9. So you don't like him?
  10. Ah Dread, but cheer up; the proletariat didn't forget that disastrous labour party rally just before the general election results were announced.

    The sound of 'Things Can Only Get Better' will, for me, forever be aassociated with the sight of Kinnock, and more memorably Prescott, bopping along like mental patients being given ECT. Priceless!
  11. I doubt it: when I met him in 2002 I was quite rude and asked why he had never given any credible response to the corruption charges laid at his door, and why he only ever pursued the people who were tackling the corruption.

    Needless to say he didn't answer and walked off with his minders.
  12. Does anyone?
  13. I thought in his current role he has diplomatic status
  14. LOL :lol: I couldn't agree more!

    Though fair play to the unelected t*sser he did say the punishment, although 'inconvenient', was 'fair.'

    Most politicians invent b*llocks excuses to try and attempt to justify their actions!