Neighbourhood whorehouse.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bernoulli, Aug 17, 2005.

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  1. I believe that a house just around the corner from mine is a knocking shop.. 8O

    Here is the evidence for the prosecution:

    1. It is inhabited by three or four ropey looking east european chicks with peroxide hair and steel teeth.

    2. Although it is a smallish 3 bed terrace, (I just know, OK?) it ihas an intercom on the door, but with only one button...

    3. Lots of late night comings and goings, mostly by shabby and furtive looking blokes.

    4. It has stone-cladding.

    So what do we think? shag-parlour or what? :?
  2. Do they put milk churns full of manbatter out on bin day?
  3. I need a volunteer to lead a Forlorn Hope into the place to ascertain it's true nature..
  4. Do you suggest a FIBUA style backdoor entry or in through the 1st floor front bedroom with scaling ladders and a few chorley grenades?

    What resistance can we expect from the whooers?
  5. By a copy of the Sport or Sunday Sport and check the area codes on the numbers in your area of Advertised Massage parlors / Knocking shops give them a call and ask for loc stat.
  6. Hmmm, I really don't know yet, Oz.

    I am still working on the intelligence picture. Here is some imagery from the latest satellite pass..

  7. Standing by with Naval Gun Support!
  8. That's my house you c*nt!
  9. There appears to be a huge harry monk stain on the road down to the right

    Is there a whiff of otter's pocket and stale ginsters cheese and onion pasty in the vicinity
  10. that your red car parked round the corner?
  11. No :oops:

    mine's the white vauxhall astra chav van
  12. If it had been your house Biscuits, there would be a Hearing-Aid coloured Robin Reliant on bricks in the back garden... :D

    Wait out folks, as soon as the battery for my camera is recharged, I am going to do a walk-by and get some covert snaps.. :wink:
  13. Yeah yours.
  14. The pic may suggest a disabled lift at the back of the suspect house and the silver blue "stephen hawking" chariot parked in the road to the right

    I suggest a covert op to ascertain the price list and state of merchandise while disguised as Jehovas witnesses