Neighbour keeps his kids in a caravan - suggestions please

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by deadc0de, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Yes you read the title correctly!
    My Scabby-Neighbour bought a caravan a while back and now keeps it on his rubbish strewn lawn. He has moved two of his kids, aged about 13 and 15 into the caravan and they seem to live in it as if it were their bedroom.
    He has routed an extension lead through his letter-box to power the caravan.

    I live on a nice street in a nice area and this cnut is taking the pi$$.
    He's got too many kids for his house now since kids = benefits = fags/booze.
    He doesn't work and claims disability benefits. I keep a camera by the window ready for the day when he runs to kick a stray football but that's a different thread altogether...

    Are there any Barrack-room lawyers out there who know what the score is here? The caravan is on private property but it's social-housing and I wonder if they accept this sort of behaviour? I've looked into it but can't find any helpful information and I'd like to get my facts straight before I pen a letter to his housing-agency/Social-services.
  2. wait until 2am, then set it on fire.

    That'll learn em
  3. Funnily enough, an objector to the SSAFA "home from home" at Ashtead suggested the families of the injured be put in caravans or somesuch.

    Must be alright then ....
  4. Your neighbor sounds like a real dirtbag but I have to ask, how many parents out there haven't entertained the thought of moving their teenagers out like that so that they didn't have to listen to them arguing?
  5. It's not Sven is it?

    Keep your camera close at hand. I knew a bloke who was on disability benefits on account of being 'practically paraplegic' after a fall at work. Turned up at the DSS wearing a surgical back brace and using not one but two walking sticks.

    Things went bad for him when he was photographed at a New Year party drinking a pint while standing on his head.
  6. this has got to be a wind up!!!guess its going to the hoop,if you don,t like it be a man and confront him and take it from there. :lol:
  7. Phone 0800 1111 child line - a nice little ditty to sing it too...

    To the tune of "doowahdiddydiddydumdiddydo"

    When your Mummy hits you and your daddy taps your bum


    Otherwise torch the barsteward out
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, you can't get him stuffed for extra council tax because it is an extra dwelling on the premises - because he obviously doesn't pay it.

    I'd burn down his HOUSE so that he has to live with his kids.
  9. Tow the cnuty caravan down to Grays Lane during the night.....
  10. Original. Like your thinking. :wink:
  11. Personally I'm taking this idea on board. Teenagers are the most unhygenic creatures known to humanity...
  12. Well deadc0de, you sound like a f.ucking snob. How That family choose to live is up to them. He doesnt appear to be doing any harm from what you have posted. And what the f.uck are you doing with a camera filming him anyway, have you not a life of your own? The p!ss take is yours.
    What buisness is it of yours how your neighbours live and what sleeping arrangements they have. Maybe he hasnt got another 20 grand to pull out of his arrse to buy a bigger house. Get on with your own life and leave others to do the same you spiteful, vindictive little man!!

  13. Now I can see why you have an 02 thief to your name
  14. I have a right to express my views on here aswell chimp!
  15. Punch him in the face and set fire to his trousers!