Negroponte: Russian policy is a threat to US interests.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jan 14, 2007.

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  2. He also said: "Russian assertiveness will continue to inject elements of rivalry and antagonism into US dealings with Moscow...and will dampen our ability to cooperate with Russia on issues ranging from counterterrorism and nonproliferation to energy and democracy promotion in the Middle East. As the recent Litvinenko murder demonstrates, the steady accumulation of problems and irritants threatens to harm Russia’s
    relations with the West more broadly."

    Meanwhile, where are all the gas profits going? According to the director of Defence Intelligence, "in the general purpose forces, training activity within units of the Permanently Ready Force (PRF), which form the backbone of Russia‘s conventional capability, is at their highest post-Soviet level" while "modernization initiatives are ongoing, with primary emphasis on the SS-27 ICBM and Bulava SLBM strategic systems."

    Cold War II ?(it will be for central europe if the Russians keep turning the gas/oil off)
  3. All that's happening is that Russia is reasserting its true geopolitical weight after the huge retreats of the Yeltsin years.

    Russia is never as strong as it thinks it is - or as weak as its enemies think it is.
  4. No surprises here at all. Russia is slowly returning to being, well, Russia. Their nuclear forces are unsophisticated but functional and with US combat power tied up in the Middle East I suspect that the US now has very little leverage over Russia.

    Indeed, one wonders whether or not it's time for the UK to disengage from the US and cosy up to Russia. We used to have a lot in common with them - wars with France and Germany spring to mind - and they can keep the lights and heating on where the US can't.
  5. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    What I love is the subtext to this statement, it's truly is hilarious. Russia is a large significant power politically, regarding resources, economically, and in our context geographically. That such a large country might have their own interests and pursue them close to home, to use an Americanism, go figure. It sits between two continents with gateways to the Middle East and by extension Africa. Its not the CIS that has its Fleets positioned around the world far beyond their borders, nor bases again around the world far from its shores. It's telling that this statement can be made so matter of fact; that US Interests are deemed paramount even if they are miles away from home.

    The phrase crops up and we are meant to buy the copy...

    "threat to US Interests"

    "Oh well in that case Washington, do anything you want. We wouldn't want any threats to your interests now would we..."

    To the Politicos and/or political pundits US interests stands as synonymous to US national sovereignty. A move against their hegemony is as a literal border incursion and treated similary. Actually if one considers the war against terror they have reacted in rather a less aggressive manner to an actual attack (9/11) than they did to threats against interests say in SE Asia during the cold war (i.e. Korea, Vietnam) or all the nonsense that occured say closer to home (i.e. Latin America).
  6. There's an interesting new 4-way 'Great Game' goping on in Central Asia right now, with Russia, USA, China and Iran all vying for influence.
  7. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Exactly the point AndyPipkin....


    Just at a glance one of your mentioned players seems to be absent from this map....
  8. Not when you think that they have permanent bases in Turkey, and are wanting the same in Iraq and Afghanistan
  9. I see now, it's all just an ellaborate plan to capture Borat.
  10. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Again exactly the point, and the scarey thing is 'we' buy that as reasonable. Russia's interests in their own backyard (or at least two houses up the road)...somehow sinister. The US has bases all over and support for regimes that are prepared to buy their line, perfectly reasonable.

    It's a crazy old world we live in...sometimes I wish we still spoke French.
  11. The US has to live with the fact that it is not the only power that has the ability to call shots in other people's backyards. Including in Iraq.
  12. You are right Andy and ... quite right.

    There is a similar trend in the UK, France, Germany and even in Israel.

    Recently I visited the city of Ufa (a capital of Bashkortostan). Bashkirs are the 2d largest 'Muslim' people in Russia. I was met in airport by a Bashkir - mr.Gilmutdinov - a tall, blonde, grey eyed lad. As for the largest Russian 'Muslim' people - Tatars, then 10% of them are Orthodox Christians.

    I remember a Bashir (a bus driver in the city of Nizhnevartovsk) who drunk a liter of vodka at one minute. So you understand how 'Muslim' he was.

    Real Muslim peoples are Chechens, Ingushes, Balkars, Kabardins, Cherkeses, Adygs, Krachay, Avars, Lezgins, Kumyks and other smaller Caucasian peoples. Also there is a lot of foreigners - Muslims in Russia (especially Azeris).
  13. Hi Andy!

    The article is old enough (July 2005). There are 4 bases on the map. But 2 of them (in Uzbekistan) have been closed. A base in Tadjikistan is very small and payment for remaining base in Kyrgyzstan is now $150 mln. (instead of $2 mln. previous year).