Negotiaitions with Terry ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ciggie, Aug 6, 2010.

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  1. So those who pretend that they can do are on the verge of discussing with Terry T how....well, it must be a handover of power. It makes me sick to the bottom of my guts. How many blokes ? What for. A joke is funny if no-one gets hurt. The thinking probably is, using Russia as a gauge, 10 years and evryone will have forgotten..... except families, amputees, etc. Bullshit comes at a horrendous price. Does Halliburton et al pay pensions to soldiers?
  2. Who has benefited?

    Soldiers - sacrificed
    Britain - less safe - more determined enemies, with a reason
    Afghan - more dangerous & with a civil war due
    Arms industry - raking it it
    Polititians - the directors & 'advisors' of arms & associated industries

    Fcukers. Anyone else feel (like) revolting?
  3. Can you think of one Insurgency when conventional forces have won a 'conventional' victory?

    At some stage we will have to talk to them (Adams and McGuiness? ... wait a mo while I vomit).... What is being downplayed at the moment by our media is at some stage they will have to talk to us ... as did PIRA.

    I seriously believed when we got involved that this was an Insurgency in which we could triumph. However, after the victories of the Northern Alliance the Talebs have infiltrated, threatened, bribed, persuaded, wheedled and pleaded their way back to a position of prominence with the local population. Even though their casualty rate is horrendous who is counting ??? Add to that the Tribal, Feudal nature of Afghan politics and they are on a winner, Karzai is despised. The Afghans don't wan't us there. In my opinion the sooner we withdraw and leave them to their Taleban Utopia the better.

    And, should it prove necessary, every six months or so send up the B52s / Cruise missiles and flatten anything remotely resembling a terrorist training camp.
  4. Mr Nail, meet Mr Head.

    You forgot to mention the $trillion mineral rights

    Afghanistan will never be the Taliban haven that it was ever again, that much is for sure due to the financial input and expected output, but neither do I think it will ever be a democracy.

    It will be a somewhere in between semi lawless dictator state that has rampant crime on one hand and pretty USGS signs up over massively defended compounds on the other.

    Iron, copper, cobalt, gold, lithium. All essential to modern living, all found in abundance in Afghanistan. Market forces will eventually dictate how that particular mess is sorted out and a few individuals will become very rich off the back of the blood of our fallen.

    Although I do agree that it was a terrorist training camp prior to the war and that the end to that is nothing but a good thing.
  5. The likelihood is Mr T will negotiate with the Wests politicos, who being the mealy mouthed lying bunch of cnuts they are will sell our forces sacrifices on the cheap. The out come being all men will have to grow beards, no women in school, burqa and worse of all no booze. It could happen.

    You cannot fight war with one hand tied behind your back, politicians will try to dress up the eventual loss, but a loss it will be.
  6. They're not going to negotiate with us. the Good Friday Agreement only became possible after thirty years of conflict and the understanding, on both sides, that neither was going anywhere in a hurry. If we had said in '93 "we're going home in '97" would Adams etc. have come to the table? Would they balls. They would have just waited. As the Taliban are doing now.
  7. i will remember! i will remember those things i should never have seen and those i never will have seen

    truth is we need to involve terry or more of our firiends will be lost!

    heres to the last man that fell, and heres to the next man that falls
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Yep, you're right.....So ....we are****ed
  10. Who (specifically) is Terry? Talking to the right people might be the real problem here.
  11. Why would the Taleban even want to negotiate? They know that they are winning and when the US et al have had enough in two years they can come back in. They certainly won't rule the country, but they will hold all their key strategic areas in the South from where they can establish allegiances with the warlords who will hold the central areas. From there they will be able to exert pressure on Kabul and continue to develop their regional power.

    Our problem is that we tend to call anybody who takes up arms against Karzai or ISAF as Taleban. There is a huge range of anti-GIRoA elements out there, many of whom are fed up with the corruption, nepotism, bullying and ineffectiveness of the Popolzai government.

    Luckily the UN have stepped into the breach by banning over 1000 of these people from standing in the middle parliament, so we have a situation where warlords who hate the government and want change have no democratic way of making it happen. Karzai continues to fill the government at all levels with his cronies, so district chiefs continue to be unrepresentative of the people they are supposed to represent and unremovable by the people. We support these unpopular and undemocratic district chiefs and effectively show the people that ISAF supports an undemocratic and unpopular government. We also continue to build schools which have no qualified teachers, hospitals which can't be maintained, bridges which collapse in 12 months and gravel roads which wash away in 18 months.

    If I were a peasant farmer in Southern Afghanistan I know whose side I would be on.
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    No point talking to them we've already told them the date were leaving
    Then they'll just do what they've done for hundreds of years strongest tribe rules

    Would we have launched the Invasion of Europe in 1944 if Hitler had already stated he was pulling back to Germany in 1945 anyway?
  13. There is a way out of this. I strive to be a nice person, but sometimes a bullet in the back of the neck is the best solution. Strange, when the media always talks about an international coalition that there are no Chinese troops around. Oil, minerals etc, sure. And just on the doorstep of one of the most massive nations on the planet, who operate a policy of ' Find em, don't ask questions, shoot em' and they're doing nothing.....wonder why ? Patience our price.
  14. And that is why relative peace will hapen in Afghanistan, Money talks and when enough of it is spread around everyone will recognise which side the bread is buttered on.
    Afghanistans mineral wealth will bring stability, to many people will be making megabucks to derail that by fighting each other.

    I have a little faith that UK companies will make some money in the carve up.
  15. Shit, more atrocities. This time medics - because they may have been carrying bibles. How much does 20 boxes of nine mil cost, and a ticket to Bradford ?