Negativity on TV

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by scotscop, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. Being the loser i am, i'm currently watching The Bill...

    Police officer "So you were in the TA?"
    Accused "Yeah so..."
    Police Officer "You know what they say about the TA, boys playing at being soldiers. Not good enough for the real Army?"

    So, it's not just the makers of 'The Office' and Gareth who are having a pop. Does this type of mockery have an impact on the TA? Do people actually consider what's said on TV - I must admit I've had individuals tell me I can't do something as "I've seen this on The Bill" 8O
  2. I don't think its a problem, as long as TV mentions us the public will know about us. Would Joe Public really believe the government would maintain the TA if it was a bunch of walts.

    I have to admit that I do find these characters funny, I have met them. The most realistic TA TV show was 'all quiet on the preston front', it portrayed the variety of TA soldiers quite well, the most accurate character being the ex regular Cpl
  3. Should help recruiting

    Or a least get them through the front gate, when manned?

    TA, boys playing at being soldiers? = Fun!!

    Not good enough for the real Army? =No Mobilization!!

    I reckon for an individual who knows very little about the T.A. would be
    More inclined to turn up??

    Then reality would hit home!!
  4. Polar
    i remember that programme as well it was really funny in places got the guy in the lead role who went on to that cop show daizel & pasco. but yes they did get the ex reg cpls charecter spot on didnt they,

    i do get asked when been on old recruiting events or by people i talk to who know nothing about the ta, is everybody like that gareth out of the office.
  5. It does gripe my sh1t when people refer to the TA as being no better than walts, in their various ways. It's the fact that it is so disrespectful to all those fallen TA soldiers, I always maintain that TA soldiers has allways been professional soldiers since the first call-ups and they I belive where pre-world war one. Add to this the fact that a form of TA was all that the original armies existed as before a standing armywas established and I think the TA should be better understood and looked upon by joe public. Not me though because I am next to useless,


    Edited to add... Slightly of topic but do other TA soldiers get asked the question do they teach you to kill people and how do you answer? I tend to laugh it off with some comment about being train to kill fig. 11's.
  6. We've recently got rid of one like that, his story ended up in the wire it had a picture of him next to Tony BLiar. We got rid of him to the Met :D :D
  7. Yes they would.

    Consider much of what we say about our beloved leaders on here.
  8. Under the current name: TA, the... TA are going to find it hard to change their image completely. Telic helped the TA big time, but not enough as one of my mates recently asked me if all I do at the TAC is get pissed. When I explained no and told him what exactly goes on, he then replied.. F*ck that you loony.

    Just needs renaming or more adverting on public image of the ARMY RESERVES.
    I belive there is no more RAAF, renamed RAF reserves??

    In the last four years, for myself, I get more negative/incorrect remarks from the civvies than the regs... I think the regs understand the capability of the TA more now than the public.
  9. I watched it as well. It had a big impact on me. It made me think you were all S*it...Oh I have always thought that! Don't mind me, Bye.
  10. The Royal Australian Air Force is still going strong, as is the RAuxAF.

    This is from the RAF Reserves website:


  11. So you being a male nurse and a nig sets you above everyone else does it? From the contents of your posts you're a know nothing muppet, so be a good boy, crawl back into your apron and go and make a few beds.
  12. I remember Only Fools and Horses when Boysie was trying for a kid but was having little luck - Del Boy said "he fires more blanks than the TA!" Didn't know whether to laugh or cringe
  13. Stroker,

    You Pri*k. What makes you think I'm a nig? I have more experience under my little finger than you will probably ever have. Just to calrify things. I have recently transferred from an infantry background to a medical enviroment. So points to note Di*khead...

    1) The reason I am weight training is because I am a keen boxer and winner of many unit fights.

    2) If you read the posts I was asking about the LCPL promotion board for another soldier.

    3) I asked about postings within in my new CEG beacause it's always nice to know.

    4) I am not a nurse.

    5) I instruct the TA on my weekends and yes I can say you are S*it because I have seen the state of you on CFT's, in the CBRN Training Facility and shooting on the range.

    So I hope that put things straight.

    And I still think you are S*it.
  14. Delvins_Kin,

    Hats of to you for what you have acheived but not all TA units are crap!

    I think you get the best and worse in both the Regulars and TA and the Regular unit that I served with on Telic thought that we were very good and were glad to have us there!

  15. Devils_Kin, I get the feeling you're unimpressed.