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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by smithy749, Sep 28, 2005.

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  1. Why is it so many posts on the AMS sight are negative or damming to the AMS, Units or individuals? There are a core of people who use this site and I will use people not soldiers, who give a very negative vibe to what is an organistion that has had huge successes on recent deployments, which to me is a key performance indicator of a succesful well run organisation. That at the end of the day is the product this "company" produces. The commanders that run this orgaisation, units etc have gone through a process of being reported on annually by various senior managers and have been infront of independant promotion boards and met the critria for promotion. So they are therefore what the system wants and maybe you are not what the system wants, as you are generally daming to these managers on this site. if you believe things are wrong go and spk to these managers and put reccomendations forward. In this day all managers listen (dont necessarilly action your points) but will answer to you. Act in a positive manner, rather than a negative manner. By insulting your company and fellow employees publically whilst hiding behind childish anonymous aliasisserves no purpose other than to satisfy you but deep down you must feel quite shallow and inadequate when you need to hide like you are doing. Its like hitting someone who isnt looking and running away. very cowardly and not soldier like hich is why I referd to you as people which was also difficult to do. be positive not negative its better for all concerned and front up you will feel better within yourself which in turn will boost your low levels of self esteem.
  2. Well put, wonderful grammar, well thought out and presented

    Its still crap, whos gives a shit
  3. I got bored by the third line down. Is it just another message about how pants the AMS is and how low morale has become?
  4. I struggled manfully to the end. Apparently the writer (I use the term with some reservation) is of the opinion that ARRSErs whose posts indicate that their perception and/or experience of the AMS is less than positive are suffering from low self-esteem, and are possessed of shallow and inadequate personalities. Worse yet, in the author's view any post which is critical of "an organistion that has had huge successes on recent deployments" shows the critic to be cowardly and not soldier-like. He goes on to suggest that everything will be so much better if we all just wrote positive comments about the AMS. I had no idea it was that simple.
  5. RTFQ


    Does he need a hug?
  6. Thanks VB. I'll try and think of something positive to say.

    err, I might be some time.
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Will that ensure that the AMS will no longer be staffed by cnuts ?
  8. What we suggesting the system is broke and the recent deployments have been failures. if that was the case dont you think there would have been high level investigations which of course there hasnt been. Why dont you 10 or so aliases come out (probably from the closet aswell )and use your real names and identify yourselves. Why dont you post suggestions of how things can be improved rather than how things are going wrong and who is responsible. ad value thats of course if you appreciate value.
  9. We need to improve literacy within the AMS for a start!
  10. Why? Lest start with a positive culture I suggest.
  11. Not getting your point smithy. Is this some kind of clumsy effort to ID people within "the firm" so they can be suitably reprimanded for saying naughty things about what is an entirley flawed so called organisation. That is bouyed up by some genuinely good people with the drive, pride, dedication and good old fashioned man management skills to keep the troops treading water as best they can (You will note that, I for one, have experienced precious little, if any, of this from Senior management) or............. is it just that you are a total CNUT !!

    Do me, infact do everyone here a favour. Take a step back from the environment read around the whole theme of ARRSE and once you have grasped the concept and it all becomes clear then take your head for a shit and FECK OFF out of my TAOR ! Tosser.
  12. if the organisation is as flawed as you make out why dont you leave and move onto another less flawed organisation. Thats what I have difficulty with. Added to that you unwilingness to listen to the other side of the coin ie resulting in debate rather than resorting to a flurry of unwarranted abuse.
  13. I AM !!! and I will not cry one tear nor look back.
    Interesting that you jump so firmly to conclusions and offer advice.
    So what have I been trying to achieve this last few months ? Surely you have no idea though you choose to point out my faults and give direction. Funny old thing that seems to happen a lot in the AMS lots of chips on shoulders and a certain oneupmanship certainly from many I have encountered. No cohesion no direction.

    I speak with some self proclaimed authority.
    I have been in a place less flawed and it is poles apart from my current experience. I am moving on to a less flawed environment, I win. Bonus for me is Ive now seen both ends of the spectrum and I can identify what works and what doesnt. This dosnt and one day soon it will fall flat on its fat arsed face.

    Big well dones to all who have pulled it off that does go without saying and I will grant you your point is valid to a degree. This not the place for that if you want a big happy smiley forum then start one you could title it "Oooh arnt we great" Its not just on the web mate its everywhere. Once you have spent yourself against the wall of redtape and fat arsses I think you earn the right to come here and vent, I will force some advice on you to return the favour.

    "IF the troops ain moaning.......theres something wrong !"
  14. so are they moaning?
  15. Touche'