Negative feedback about the Infantry from mates in the army?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by soldiertobe, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. I am joining the Infantry.........but I was curious why everyone I know in the Army is so negative about my decision!?

    I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea but I get told theres no prospects or proper trades to learn that it takes forever to get promotion and that I'll be soldiering full time between Afghanistan and Iraq every year and not doing much else etc! Some I do not doubt is true.

    But why are other personnel so negative about a career in the Infantry?

    It's really got on my goat!!!
  2. Just join what you want to join. Too many blokes get hung up on what other people perceive these days. If you want to join the infantry then join them.
    To be honest it doesn't really matter what you join in regards to Iraq and Afgan - everyone gets a stint!
  3. They haven't changed my mind but it was just a little demoralising that they were like "are you sure you want to go in the Infantry, I wouldn't" etc! "You'll be used and abused full time!" etc!!

    Surely the Infantry demands more respect than that?
  4. Are your mates civvies? If so, their opinion means nothing. Fcuk 'em.
  5. No they are in the's a RMP and some in Signal's. Hence why their opinion had me thinking a bit!
  6. RMP and Signals? Says it all really :D
  7. Make your own mind up,I have been out a good few years but as I remember it everybody gets fecked about,and if you want to join the Infantry do it,I am sure you will meet some cracking lads and have the best years of your life with no regrets,good luck pal
  8. I certainly believe I will have some great times ahead of me in the Infantry and make some great friends.

    The decision was already made......My gripe was why so much negative feedback from other serving soldiers I know?
  9. You'll find alot of the people who knock the infantry have never been in an infantry unit.

    People will tell you that you get nothing out of it, and your job prospects will been shit on leaving the forces. All you'll be is a bullet stopper etc etc.

    You get out of the infantry what you put in. You can get qualifications, NVQs and the like if you want and the opertunity is there to do education in your own time aswell.

    If you're that way inclined you can specalise in Signals, Anti-Tanks, Mortars, Driver, Assualt Pioneer or be a member of your regiments Corps of Drums/Pipes and Drums.

    Some regiments (such as mine) also have tailors and a pioneer shop.

    There will be times when you're cold and wet or hot and sweaty thinking this is shit, but it's the same in any job.
  10. Are they knocking the Infantry or is a just a job they'd be reluctant to undertake because of the risks associated with close combat fighting!!??
  11. Everyone has an opinion.

    I am close to ending my 22 year career in the Infantry, if i had my time again would i have changed it......No!

    I chose the Infantry because of the job, Soldiering at the highest level, i could have done RMP or Royal Signals, and i suppose at sometime in the past i have said
    "are you sure you want to go in the RMP/Signals, I wouldn't"

    Each to their own!

    good luck fella!
  12. I think it's easy to slag the Infantry off, people call us thick and that we could'nt do any other job and seem to think we only joined the Infantry because no one else would take us, which is bollocks.

    Although, i must say it's i can count on one hand the amount of times someones said it to my face.
  13. Choose whatever you want to do, but do some research and find out why these people you know are knocking the infantry. As for close combat fighting, there are many other cap badges that get involved as well as the infantry, look at the 6 RMP that got slaughtered in Iraq. Have pride and total belief in what you are signing up to do. After 17 years in the mob, I can tell you that there are good and bad in all Regiments and Corps. As charliecharlie puts it, if you think you are going to have regrets then act now and do something else. There will undoubtedly be bad times but you will find that these are out numbered by the good times. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  14. Yer i agree, the amount of bad things i have heard, like its stupid and you will get no prosspects etc etc and that only dump people join and that you will get shit, tto be honest i don't really care.Im in the process of joining at the moment and all i can say is dont listen to them if you think it is right for you then join.
  15. Tell them to get lost. If they were Apache pilots they might have a point. Nig RMPs are traffic wardens and nig signallers guard headquarters, make tea and clean the toilets.

    Be all you can be..