Negative Bias Re: Regiment Choice

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Hesk, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. Hello,
    I'm currently in the Officer selection process and have been advised by my Uncle (ex-Lt. Col. RE) , that my primary two choices of Regiment at the moment, being RE and RA, would not be suitable. He explained that the traditional rivalry between them would see the second choice Regiment (whichever that may be) looking on myself unfavourably for putting it as the second choice and using it as a backup if I wasn't successful in my first. Admittedly it has been a while since he was in, and I would not want to take his sole word on something before making any decisions, so my question is is there still this inter-Regiment rivalry in regards to Officer Regiment choices and should I indeed think about pressing ahead with one of the above and another Regiment (Int. Corps. at the moment is my third choice)
  2. There's a natural rivalry between most Regiments and Corps, if the RA question it I would use the fact that your relative served in the RE and that's the reason you would prefer them. I have to admit I would also prefer RE, good luck whatever happens.

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  3. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    I'm sorry to tell you that your uncle is a ****** because he's ex RE and should not be listened to.

    Join the artillery or have a stint in the guards.

  4. Great contribution. Belter.
  5. That could be argued for any list of choices!

    Whatever your "2nd" choice is will always have the right to say "why are we not your first choice?".

    It will (or may) depend on you in the interviews. If you have a really good reason to pick a particular cap badge as first choice, but have a close second choice, then most will recognise that. If you are a good candidate, unless the particular cap badge don't like you in the interview, then something as petty as putting RE on your list as well as RA shouldn't matter.

    Other than that, if you came to an interview with me (if they ever let me loose at RMAS), then I'd obviously throw you out instantly for daring to besmirch the Gunners by even placing RE near them on a list. No, seriously... ;-)
  6. No, ludicrous. RE and RA are very common choices of arms together at RMAS for those wanting to work in the combat support arm corps.

    The are very few regiments that will snide you for other choices, but they mainly come down to either a) If you're good enough for us anyone else will take you so unless we're your first choice go **** yourself (no prizes who this is) or (the more reasonable response) b) this is a pretty specialised and hard role, so if you don't have two similar regiments down you'll need a good reason else we'll find it hard to believe that you really want it in the first place.

    And as with all of it, if you're good enough anyone will want you.
  7. I am neither in the RA or RE, so hopefully I can offer some unbiased advice.

    In summary, there are plenty of people who put down RE and RA as regimental choices (it is quite a common combination of choices). My advice would be put them down in alphabetical order, that way you can say that at the time you put them down they were equal preference choices, but you had to put one down then the other, so you did it alphabetically (there are lots of people who do or at least did this).

    I terms of choice between them, while each (RA and RE) will furiously tell you how different they are from each other, to the outsider, the mess culture, regimental/corps ethos etc. seem to be quite similar compared to those in other branches of the army.

    Thing to bear in mind is that, along with the RLC, the RA and RE both take a large proportion of officers commissioning from Sandhurst, therefore it is almost inevitable that both should have OCdts with almost every other regiment/corps as a first/second choice. There will be plenty at Sandhurst who have both RA and RE down.
  8. Dare to be different and put them in reverse alphabetical order.

    It was going reasonably well until you mentioned the RLC. That is akin to deciding which football team to support by choosing between: Barcelona (Clearly the best option therefore RE), Everton (a reasonable alternative if you're not good enough for Barcelona, therefore RA) or Dorchester Reserves (admittedly still a football team {just} but barely on the same planet as the other 2 options, therefore Loggies).

    In truth, whilst I doubt either RE or RA would discount you just because you had put the other Regt ahead of them the reality is that they can both afford to be quite selective and therefore if (for whatever reason) you weren't good enough to be selected for one the chances are that you wouldn't be good enough for the other either.

    PS Obviously the answer is to put RE first and hope for the best! (PM me the name of your uncle).

  9. Sorry to upset you there Ethel!

    To be clear, it would be a pretty unusual Sandhurst intake where RLC was as competitive as RA or RE. In my intake (many moons ago), RE was by far the most popular choice (of any corps/part of the army) and was thoroughly over subscribed, so that they could latterly pick and choose. I know that one fellow in my Coy who turned down PARA to go RE (which is unusual).

    Either way, between them, RA, RE and RLC do between them take a large chunk of each intake.
  10. Inter Regimental rivalry is infantile and non productive.

    Either you are joining the Guards or you're a pussy.

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  11. You could always do a David Niven!
  12. I have no right to voice my opinion (never served), but why not choose RA 1st & RE 2nd. If asked why, just say you wanted to make your army career your own, rather than riding the coat tails of your uncle.

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  13. You have no right to voice your opinion but did so anyway! @.@

    As far as riding on coat tails goes - possibly true if your Dad is CGS but having an uncle who was a Lt Col is hardly going to get your very far (unless you are in the Household Division of course!).
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  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    For the benefit of the OP if he was not aware. According to wikipedia:

    Niven requested assignment to the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders or the Black Watch, then jokingly wrote on the form, as his third choice, "anything but the Highland Light Infantry" (because the HLI wore tartan trews rather than kilts). He was assigned to the HLI, and his comment was known in the regiment.

    So. Do the RE wear trews? Or do the RA? We need to know.
  15. RA wear trews if they have served in the Scottish Gunners, but only with Black tie. Used to be separate Highland and Lowland Gunners, so two flavours of gaudy cloth, but now they have amalgamated, I expect the 19 Regt (ex-highland) tartan (Hunting Robertson) has prevailed.

    Pipers possibly wear them. I can't remember seeing them in anything other than uniform or a kilt.

    If that is enough to sway the OP, then there needs to be a back up excuse for the interviews!