Needs some glow sticks

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Troopqwerty, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for some glow sticks that will last a while, more than the average 8-12 hours. I heard some say about a non-chemical one which last a very long time, but I don't know where to buy it.

    If you can help I will be very pleased.

    Thank you
  2. By non-chemical, do you mean electrical powered? Or radioactive? (radioactive is a chemical reaction)

    Tritium (H3) trail markers are available but are very expensive. Why do you need one that glows for longer than 12 hours? Are you working in permanent darkness?
  3. Hard month and can't afford the electricity.
  4. You simply need an issue of the new and improved chem-light batteries. Check with your company supply sergeant.

  5. one of my work mate just told me about one which is the Life Gear 200hr glow stick. not had a chance to look for it yet.

    he said that he found it in google shopping or products or something like that
  6. i have a number of bog standard glow sticks to get rid of if required, PM me if interested. Many colours and will last 12 ish hours
  7. Krill glow stick may be what your after not cheap mind

  8. I have two of the krill lamps, one is a 180 degree, one a 360 degree. They're both very good, there's a certain colour that gives the best light output, I can't remember which though. I found them waterproof and very decent - they've already paid for themselves as I use them when camping to mark out the corners of my tent etc (all civvy stuff, which they're good for)
  9. Well go to Toys R Us and buy some or indent for the ones for marking out HLS' . BFO ones they were lasted a for ever - Still have some in the car incase I break down on the moors
  10. the Life Gear 200 Hour Glow Stick, for one lasts longer than the above, has a longer life span at 10,000hours with replaceable batteries and is alot cheaper.

    I think i will stick with the Life Gear ones.

    Its says on the Troop Supplies home page that they are the only seller of the glow stick in the uk, is this true?
  11. Green and yellow IIRC.
  12. what dose that mean IIRC?