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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mikey-21, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. .... i have both on my job choices already but im not sure if i prefer my 2nd to 1st, my first is (click the link for job description)-

    royal engineers military communications =

    and the 2nd is royal signals communications system op =

    whats your opinion? I really wanted the engineers because of the combat engineering, but reading over the job choices it seems sigs offer a bit more in qualifications.

    fivetodo your opinion would be great, cheers lads :D
  2. SIGS - Comms sys op trades are receiving a golden hello of 1250 to join (needs to be clarified) as its a 'new' trade. Good life in the sigs too, loads of postings etc
  3. really? where did you here that from? not saying you're talking tosh but CS op / CS eng were things i was looking at so would be interested to know.
  4. CSEs are getting it too or they were at least, as I said in the previous post, I'll need to get that checked but I know it was true two months ago.

    I'm also looking to rejoin myself (after serving 5yrs in the Sigs as an Operator - RS, olds kool) as a CSE and my recruiting sgt informed me of a possible bounty, it's taxed though.
  5. Dunno bout the 'golden handshake payment' But i do know from amusing chats with my Recruiting Sgt that sigs jobs are very very fast entry into the army. As they need recruits.
  6. not to bothered about how long it takes, and dont know what golden hello is but whats your opinions please??
  7. A golden hello/handshake is a persuasive one off payment to make a trade attractive. The submarine arm for example offers new recruits a one off golden handshake once people pass out
  8. "Golden Hellos" for Army Technical Trades: The Golden Hello scheme is open to applicants wishing to join the Army as a soilder. Applicants must have completed GCSE to degree level study in specified subjects including maths, science, languages, engineering, construction and built environment, vehicle maintenance and catering, and wish to join one of the more technical trades in the Army. Trades include Chef, Vehicle Mechanic and Linguist. The value of the Golden Hellos range from £500 to £8,000 depending on the applicant's qualifications and their Army job. Training and development continues on the job, providing more valuable qualifications and experience.
  9. wat do u think m8
  10. I served for 5 years, left and am now an IT Contractor earning over £1500pw, can you tell me that a trade from the RE will pay as much in civvy street?

    without the Sigs I would probably be a homeless drunk so my opinion may sway just a little bit towards the sigs...

    I served with 216 (airborne) and 21 sigs and had the most amazing time of my life, three tours (NI still counted then) and one hell of a story to tell. There can be some 5h!t times but you will get those whatever you join. All that can be said really is go with your gut instinct, it's your life, live it how you want (plus you can always ask to transfer, not that it will be that easy, at least not as easy than in basic). In the Sigs, you will have the opportunity to work with the INF and other arms and they have a special forces squadron as well as airborne and commandosquadrons so the job can be very different depending on where you get posted. Radio stag is still going to be very boring no matter which trade you take tho, as will putting up tents at three in the morning when your soaked right through...
  11. Do what ya heart tells you mate. The scaleyback above puts a good argument forward.
  12. i like both so i think the right thing would be to go for the better one, thats why i put down links to each job to see what other people thought was better, he does put accross a good point but i want other peoples opinions as well.
  13. I'm joining as CSE, and my recruiter told me I missed out on the golden hello because I'm not eligible. But the job definitely has a fast start date. I passed ADSC 4th June and my start date is 3rd August.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Mate,I done 12 years in the RAF as armourer,in hindsight not the best choice.I probably shoul've joined RAF Police or gone into the comms trade,which I'm now in.
    My advise is think long & hard about what you'd do on the outside,look on the job websites to see what the current trend is & get the training while you're in.
    And make sure your ahead of the game.
    Best of luck,