Needing info on Belize please....

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by CMTs_rock, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. Jambo friggas.......
    Just been happily informed i'm of to Belize in the new year to provide med cover for a course and i'm looking for any info, comfy kit, areas to aviod etc or just anything anyone can tell me about BATSUB??
    All help greatfull
  2. Convoy and riggers book, will tell you all you need to know about Belize :)
  3. Ventress

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    Beat me to it!
  4. Having done a Native Trail and a 6 month tour in Belize, my advice to you is to make up as many individual and section first aid kits, for things like cuts, insect bites and thorns from bast**d bushes.
    As for place`s to avoid, Roules Rose Garden. Having only been in there on shark watch myself, best to brief your troops, if they must "bag up".
  5. Noodles, noodles, noodles, noodles, garlic, noodles, noodles, garlic, noodles, garlic, garlic, noodles, smock(it gets cold in the trees at night), noodles and garlic.
    Hope that is of some use

    Wee Man.
  6. If your spending time out in the jungle a hennessy hammock would make your life easier, a little expensive but if it makes things more comfortable... The best advice i could give you about Belize having just come back myself is to contact the practice manager at the medical centre and ask what kit he thinks you should have, as in all honesty they have limited kit out there to supply the troops on exercise.
  7. Good call Wiganboy,

    The Med centre are short of kit for excercising troops, and are there primarily to support BATSUB. Having said that when I was out there they had an excellent CMT in there who would do all he could for me. As for kit, get a decent dry bag or two, although you are issued one out there (I was) they are on the old side and have a few holes in them. Hammocks, If you are going out with the Coy fair enough if you are part of the RAP and are going to mince about Airport camp for 7 weeks, save your money. Me, I used the issue one and got a good nights kip each night (before any one asks I helped set up the basic jungle school and came out after 27 days for three before going back in for the Final Ex) The chain of evac is very good, you are never too far from the MSR. Tick removal and leeches are pretty much order of the day. If it all goes wrong remember your ABC's, easy!!!

    Wee man
    any more info PM me.
  8. what a very polite and helpful young man!

    remind me to allow you an extra chocolate biccie to dunk in your tea
  9. See your PMs

    Assuming you are going out around 6 Jan, a friend of mine is going out as a nurse. This will be second time she has gone out to provide cover so she should be able to give you some advice.