Needing help with finding a symbol for reserve demolition ?anyone got a clue. Thanks

Just wanting few symbols for maps and can anyone help me. Cheers
In APP-6 it was a circle crossed by two parallel lines, filled in according to state. Both lines dashed = planned. Lines progressively filled in according to State, finally two sets of parallel lines crossing = Fired. Shouldnt be difficult to find.
Thanks do you know if I could get a picture online? Cheers

Is this online enough?

reserve demolition.jpg

Djelli Beybii

If we went anywhere near , there was nothing reserved about it.
Usually just lots of little bits and lots of stuff burning.

But, yes..Puttees is right.


Book Reviewer
I answered it for you in chat. Admitted some time after you'd buggered off, but it was there all day had you come back.
For God's sake remember to traverse rear when approaching one.....that's all I'm saying on the matter.

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