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long time lurker, first thread so be gentle (ish)..

I have just landed an apprenticeship (boilermaker) with a good mob - not an easy feat in todays climate - as intend entering the army with something behind me. however, i am concerned that by the time i am qual'ed up (approx 3 years) operations in the afghan may be of a lower intensity or wound up completely - due to this "surge" and all that is coming.

it has always been an overriding ambition of my to deploy on operations as an infantryman - moreso than anything else.

seeing as though a lot of you are obviously more "in the know" that civ. folk like myself, should i get a get into the AFCO asap or am i "safe" in seeing out my apprenticeship?

thanks in advance for any input.

p.s i tried to keep it short - doesn't seem ive succeeded haha.
The British Army will be in Afghan for some time yet. Nobody will give you a cast iron guarantee but I wouldn't be at all surprised if we were still there in three years time. Good on you for getting an apprenticeship in today's climate but you can still join now, get your combat box ticked and then move onto something that you can leave the Army with if you want to. Think about it!

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