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(Sorry if this has been posted in the wrong forum)

I am going to soon be out of my civillian job, i have lost my license (Through driving for work, it was a speeding offence) and the company has put me in a position from which i cannot see myself recovering.
I am in the process of re-gaining my license, and i hope to be mobile again within 6 weeks.
Until then i am based just West of Newcastle, and i am willing to commute 40-60 miles per day.

I am looking for a technical / installation role, my background is that i am halfway through my Electrical Installation qualification, i have good knowledge of computer networks as i have previously finished a Cat6 apprenticeship in London. My current employer installs systems into Petrol Stations and looks on me to perform installations, manage stock, manager Sub-Contractors and to organzie installation schedules and liaise with clients. It is a very demanding job, one that i have put an immense amount of effort into over the past 12 months and one that i will be sorry to leave.

I am, however, looking for a similar job to challange me, i have far-reaching ambitions to progress myself inside a company, i am well aware that i am in a bad position currently but i see it only as a temporary set back.

I am well used to working long days, and extended lengths of time aware from home. I am an indepent, highly-motivated individual who also slots well into a team.

I also have a career in the TA, albeit one that is on hold as i am currently on leave due to the massive requirements and sacrfices i have made for my current employer, but it is definatly something that i would want to give up altogether so please bear that in mind whilst making any decisions over offers.

Please could you let me know at or over Arrse's PM system if you feel that you can offer me an oppurtunity to better myself, and i shall send you a copy of my CV and any further details that you require.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and i await any (helpfull!) response.
Hi mate have a look at recruitment plant/total jobs/ monster jobs uk there was a few jobs in your patxch including installing PBX's over to carlise way youll need to search the Telecoms section but it was in there the other day and you can filter down to find it by region came with a car and money wasnt bad
Unfortunatly, PBX / PABX systems are out of my expertise......Also, is full of spammed jobs now, apparently i could work from home as a admin assistant earning £1,500 to £8,000 a week. Doesn't that sound good??

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