Needing CRB Clearance to watch your kids at school events

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Thai_exile, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    This will be something that the Headteacher or Governing Body have decided on in a spasm of idiocy which will be quietly dropped when it becomes widely understood within the school community.

    As for schools not allowing photos at plays or swimming events: probably the same thing. Not the case at any of the schools my kids have attended and I doubt the parents would stand for it.
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  2. Surely the problem is not those visiting the school as those already inside it AKA teachers running off with the kids. Dont hear many sports day abductions but teacher/pupil?
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  3. Chap I know used to walk his dog across school playing fields.Half term took the Grandchild with him and took piccies.He was also with two teachers from the school.
    A person reported him and he was banned from the school grounds.
  4. This will definitely work because every UK nonce has been caught an prosecuted, so a CRB will reveal them as the devils they are!
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  5. It's nonsense like this that is choking the CRB check system. A friend of mine finally managed to break into security contracting, and lost the position as his CRB check didn't get done in time.

    He picked up another post soon after, so not the end of the world, but he was totally destroyed for the few weeks it took to get it.
  6. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    What's worse is that the school will end up paying for the checks diverting funds from the children - its really hard to get a crb without a body/group sponsoring it - so I've had to have two one for the scout group one for the school governing board - same person same company who do the checks but two fees

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  7. According to Disclosure Scotland who run the vetting process,if you are an individual applicant you have to have an Enhanced CRB check if you "work with children or protected adults or carry out a role that specifically requires disclosure"
    No mention of sports day spectators?
    Individuals - Apply for a disclosure - Disclosure Scotland
  8. Oh cock.
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  9. And I bet he was banned because he had a dog with him, not because he took pictures! Taking dogs on playingfields is a problem with school governors as there is a risk of the dog having worms which can lead to a child being permanently blinded if they get into the childs system through dog feacese. This warning to Governors was put out by local councils many years ago and still applies. To some extent as a former school governor I agree with it, but as for parents being banned due to CRB checks and pictures being banned is pure extremism by idiotic Heads. You may find that the head in banning parents not having CRB checks is breaking the parents Human Rights, as CRB checks were put in place for people WORKING either volluntarilly or paid with children and vunerable people, NOT PARENTS OR GRANDPARENTS! The school and Head is very wrong in this decision.
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  10. A basic indivdual self applicatin one costs £25.
  11. Anyone know if Priests have CRB checks?
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  12. He's walked dogs there for years-always clears up the crap.
  13. At first I had a "WTF" moment reading your post, but Chunkies reply makes perfect sense and I can understand the schools position. Not neccesarily support it, but I can understand it.

    Your friend may tidy up after his dog, but others won't and if the school becomes aware of him exercising his dog there, then appying a blanket rule seems fair. Also, toxoplasmisis could still contaminate the area even if he has cleaned up after himself
  14. I refer my M'learned ARRSEr's to my previous post about idiotic blanket CRBing some three years ago. Things don't change