Needing Advice....

So, it seems the 2nd marriage has went the way of the first. I'm feeling -cidal and am considering Le Legion Etrangere. As a former Armd. Crwmn. and a Francophone, I'm pretty sure recruitment process wouldn't be too much of a problem. According to their site, I'd have to sign for 5 yrs. Anyone know about their leave plans, etc. (to visit my kids in Canada)? Pros, cons (aside from being French)?
Leave to see the kids in Canada???? Hahahahaha, the only place you are allowed on leave is France(officially) as when you go on leave, you have 24 hrs to get back to camp in the case of emergency. It has been known fotr legionnaires to make there way to other countries (UK and Germany) to visit relatives, but that involved leaving contact nos all round Europe. Tricky business.
There is a an ex para reg lad on here called Taric who's just joined 2 MEP- airborne part, he'll be able to let you know. PM him.

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