Needing Advice

Supposed to fly to Iraq tomorrow for 8 weeks. Pays 10k. Doing security and a bit of psd.

Thing is its taken me 6 months to get this and Im thinking that in 2 months Il just be back to square one again. Still no mortgage or job.

So should I take this contract or should I give backword and stay and look for something more permanent?

Cheers in advance.
easier to find work whilst in a job mate, and at the end of the day it's 10k that you wouldnt have had if you don't like it you can always come back. Plus with a bit of that on your CV might make you more employable depending on what job sector you try for

best of luck
Put yourself back 8 weeks and have 10k in the bank at the end of it. You know what they say, one thing leads to another, theres no telling who you may meet out there.
As Brett & Doom say, take the job, bank the money and add the experience to the CV. Employers prefer anyone who is current rather than someone who has been out for a while. Good luck & stay safe.
They do say 'its easier to find a job while you're working than when you're unemployed'

I'd go out there especially for that kind of money, it will keep you on an even keel for a few months , not money to be taken lightly , and like Doom says, you never know who you're going to meet out there, should be more than a few civvy companies that will give you their card if you get on ok..

Good luck and stay safe

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