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Discussion in 'Officers' started by antphilip, Aug 5, 2004.

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm going to admit my complete ignorance and ask for some help.

    I'm currently in training with the TA to become an officer and as such we're doing the usual things you'd expect, platoon attacks, orders and estimates, TEWTs etc.

    What doesn't seem to be told to us is exactly what we will need in the field. I've picked up on a few basics, nyrex folders etc for paperwork. But are there other things that come in handy when you're out there trying to do the Platoon commander role?

    I'd rather go prepared now than do the weekend/s and it all go completely wrong because i haven't had the kit that I needed.

    All advice and suggestions are appreciated :)
  2. A pair of good quality rubber boots
  3. A good Sgt :D
  4. Antphilip, old chum - you really shouldn't feel bad about admitting your ignorance. This is the Officers' board, after all! Relax, pull up an armchair and don't worry - let your platoon sergeant handle all the hard stuff for you. :wink:

    He prefers it that way.
  5. Isle, thanks for the link, very helpful :).

    Oldchap, I'm hoping I can look semi competant to my plt sgt (when I get one) so that when i fall over my shoelaces it's only slightly less embarassing. ;)
  6. That's the spirit! :wink:
  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    1. Cram in the experience. Not easy to get in the TA, but try getting attached to a Regular unit on a serious FTX, or get out to BATUS etc. You don't need to be doing a pl comd role, but just absorb what is going on. One of the hardest things to learn as a commander is 'time and space' and an intuitive feel for what can be done and what can't, and how long it will take. No different for a pl comd, coy comd, unit comd, bde comd etc etc

    2. Life in the field is all about being efficient. DONT get obsessed by having to have every gadget and gizmo. Believe me when you do it for real and you are carrying a couple of hundred ball rounds, a couple of radio batteries, 3 days of food, 3 or 4 full water bottles etc etc you don't want to be encumbered by having 3 different Nyrex folders and 45 coloured pens and a smart model kit.

    3. Keep your kit dry - lots of little plastic/waterproof bags. Get a WATERPROOF notebook!

    4. Look and learn. NO-ONE knows everything, although some of your SNCOs will try to convince you that they do.

    5. Enjoy!
  8. 1. Get used to using the AATAM it is there for a purpose.
    2. It means that you don't have to go to the bother of reproducing templates on computer as someone else has doen all the hard work for you plus they are updated as and when they need to be.
    3. Admitable it is nice to have the orders done the way you like but when you turn up at RMAS and Breacon and the DS Nazi then tells you TAMs only you won't have a nasty suprise and spend evenings familarising youself with the TAM
    4. Coupled with a TAM and Waterproof paper you will be looking the Dogs Bollocks to your Pl Sgt
    5. After countless wet exercises experience has shown that waterproof paper and a pencil are the only things that work when the Exercise Gods are throwing every type of weather at you.
    6. I do however take along Fine Neurex pens to mark my map in Red, Blue, Green, and Black. Hm Supplies do a folder for TAMs in Tam size that has plastic sleaves in to allow you to put in your Crib Cards for; contact reports, sitrep-reports, fire-missions etc.

    Keep your sense of humour listen to all you JNCO, SNCO and most definetly your Pl Sgt. When you come out the other end you SPSI if he is any good is worth his weight in gold, use them for de-briefs, ideas, information etc.

    Hope it goes well for you and enjoy command it's a privaledge
  9. SLEEP - whenever you get the chance, get your head down - it's the 1 major thing that nobody else can do for you.