Need your help !!

A long ish story
ive been on and off with a guy in the military royal corps signals I think don’t hold me to that. We have broken up once before but got back together recently tho he told me he was in wales training before getting deployed to Estonia only thing is I haven’t heard from him I don’t know his reg number or like main barracks please excuse if I’m using the wrong terms. Does anyone know if I can get hold of him any other way would appreciate it as worried now. I’m also been admitted to hospital so would like him to know as injuries are quite bad.
Let me be the first to say that I'm sorry you're in hospital, and I hope you are getting better.

Let me also say that it is rather obligatory to post pictures of your good self, preferably those of a more candid nature.


A young very pregnant local lass turns up at the guard room, accompanied by a solicitor, who askes to see the RSM, He explains to the badge that one of his men" put my client in the family way, and she wants to find him, so that he can do the right thing"

The badge parades the whole regiment on the square" What's the soldiers name Miss?"......."JONES one step forward".....( 1st Batt welsh fusiliers);)
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Next random you hump, jam one of these into his todger for a DNA sample.

I feel this is going well

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