need your help please!

Need your help please!!

Follow the link and click on vote for Samuel, 1 year (last time i looked he was at the bottom of the page about 3 pictures in!!

His pic looks like this:

It's for the new kids face of calpol and the rules state you can ask friends and family to vote; the Armed Forces, 1 big family!

Thanks to all who vote, boooooo!!! to the miserable ones who don't ;)

PS Check out this link:

I think this kid is going to be scarred, but fook me i laughed out loud!
Thank you for voting.. cute little un! :D

As for the second link.. that's so bad.. poor poor child. But god dammit its funny!
I voted!!!!! Good luck
done, more worthwhile than the gen election! We have more use of a calpol bottle than the government in our house!!!
vote cast..and what a cutie he is, good luck.


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Vote cast, hope he never needs any!


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Voted for the cutie, good luck.

BTW, love that second link! PMSL!!
competition ends 19 Feb, i don't hold out much hope (there's thousands of kids on there!!), but i will let you know the results as soon as i get them.

Thanx all!!
Me too


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Vote cast....ah, Calpol.....nearly as good as Stolichnaya as a teething cure !
I find it amazing that all these parents are so intent on winning that they submit their kid's photograph to a website over which they have no control, when I am not allowed to film Litotes jnr as he performs in the school play!!

The headmaster and I are at daggers drawn!

Nice lad - hope he wins.

when I am not allowed to film Litotes jnr as he performs in the school play!!

Completely agree! Little one was at a Crazy Bongo today (climbing frames etc) and there were signs everywhere "No Photography".

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