Need VM assistance: Asbestos brakes??????

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by kenny629, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. Hello lads, new to the site but not to the general military bullshit. Just a question for any old skool VM's. Did we ever get rid of the asbestos brakes in DAF's and Bedfords at all? Just curious as ive never seen any special hoovers to suck up dust like it should be used?
    I have asked my WO, actually two, and they reckon they were discontinuing use in the mid eighties ish?? sound about right? Im no NIG but was told years ago that theyd been phased out now im worried! Decent answers only please.

    Cheers guys.
  2. Asbestos free brake shoes were available for both, certainly as far ago as the late 90's. I wouldn't mind betting there are a few low mileage 4Ts out there (most likely TA or RAF units) that may still have asbestos ones fitted though.
  3. Never say "never" but they should all have been changed. The ES guys in my department hit this particular problem hard when it arose. I recall the problem because, again, it was completely unfunded; "costs lie where they fall...". It was the same with refrigerant... now there's a story!

  4. EX_STAB
    You ought to read this:
    The Free Society: The great asbestos deception: does this sound familiar?

    The information in that article isnt all correct though is it?

    And wasnt there like a complete retrofit of old asbestos brake shoes when the modern ones came out?

    Thanks for the reply guys :nod:
  5. No, a lot of the Bedfords & Dafs that went through ashchurch 99-2003 and some of the Land Rovers certainly had asbestos brakes as our team had to change them!
  6. but having just read the article and the links to the asbestos watchdog it made for very interesting reading!!!
  7. really?? i thought landies hadnt had asbestos brakes for years?? land rover havnt used them since the mid 80's! well i hope by the time i got to them, 3005 ish theyd have gone!
  8. The old series 111 late 80's early 90's we worked on definately had asbestos brakes, as Escotia says even though all were supposed to be changed there were loads of MK's/MJs, 1 tonne Ambulances and landrovers out there with them fitted. With the spares situations the way they were at the time and everyone having caves full of buckshees around I saw quite a few sets being kept as emergency only sets...yes I know it wasn't supposed to happen but the bosses(even the L/pls) in those days in the LAD had the power to punch you if you questioned anything and us Crafties just used to do what we were told.
  9. IIRC when rubbing down the brakes to deglaze them we were meant to use facemasks (early 90's) but I cant' remember ever seeing someone use them. Also, you'd wipe everything down after with Trichloroethylene and I think that got banned as well.

    Happy days...
  10. How did you know they were asbestos? Not as If they smell different or anything???

  11. Ah the good old days of cleaning things with spray cans of Trich, "Please Chief! I feel a bit wobbly!' then washing off your hands in a bucket of of the stuff and dipping your ovies in to get the worst off too.:eye:

  12. .......?
  13. Bit of an Ironic dit coming up: Me old man survived Monte Casino albeit with severe head and arm wounds. He became naturalised British in about 1956 and worked in a factory in Sheffield for most of his life until retirement. He died 2 years ago at the age of 90 .... of asbestosis.
  14. So we got VM's to change asbestos brake shoes to non asbestos brake shoes to avoid them being exposed to asbestos brake shoes? Sounds totally in line with normal MoD joined up thinking..........