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Hi all.

I've applied over two years ago and due to a Doctor giving non updated information on my medical file it resulted in a fail.
I appealed it twice with updated information and it finally passed and I went to Glencorse assessment centre.
I got in the medical office and sat for 10 minutes then the clinician conducting my medical assessment left the room then re entered 10 minutes later and told me I had failed before I arrived...I was devastated and didn't open my letter they gave me as I left, then opened it for them it to say "Symptomatic epigastric hernia and unstable right foot"

I served as a reservist previously with this hernia as it was an optional surgery I was advised and I proceeded to get the op again as I fancied time off work as I hated my job but then canceled the operation as it was taking too long to get seen too and had it updated by my GP as it was Optional surgery and doesn't affect me on day to day life and my obstacle coarse running and gym life.
I started to feel like a statistic as I was the only one who failed the medical and I put a complaint in which I had to chase up since March and it finally got back to me saying that Glencorse had already and planned to phone me months ago...well the bloody didnt so I feel even more of a statistic.
I've reapplied and its going well and currently waiting on my medical being filled in and I was advised by my doctor that its been updated and all well with no issues.
But because of my previous complaint and medical failure due to false information given by the GP who stated in my old medical "Didn't turn up for an epigastric hernia repair operation and has an unstable right foot"
This has Stained my other chance in a 2 year long application...and I don't have an unstable right foot my Doctor also confirmed this was sorted over 11 years ago..
So overall, they are wanting to close my application due to my old complaint which they didn't resolve which add to me feeling even more of a statistic for fail rates as I already served with this hernia, it was no issue before, medically examined by glencorse before with my hernia, it cause no issues and I'm fitter than ever and have no issues at all.

I know this is a lot of information but I'm needing help and advice on what to do, im currently sending my medical off from my GP as advised to do so.
I seen this happen to someone downsouth a couple years ago and it got amended from false information from a GP but was quickly amended. Why can't mine be sorted? Even when I served before with this with no issue?
I strongly believe they want me to fail for statistics as they wrote on my letter I said I had symptomatic problems when I dont... and they tried to phone me and spoke to me....when they didn't...

Any advice I'd sincerely appreciate as I want to take this to the bloody top to get this sorted as the complaints team aren't doing anything to help me but only to close my application.

Thank you all
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Not open for further replies.

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