need too vent

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by halo_jones, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. today with the PCSO the closing of haslar the contined casulties in the sandpit and just a fecking meds not coping day.

    CNUTING fucked with it all :x :x :x :x :x :x

    so its a fucking NAFFI swear a thon day
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Try whisky - lots of it.....

    PS Agree completely

    Cnuts, the lot of them :(
  3. I have this on the hour, every hour. You are not alone.
  4. Allow me to be the first to say cnutb0llockyt1tw@ankfeckarse.

    Try pretending you have tourettes. It helps me :)
  5. feckshitcnutbollocksfeckshit.......fuckingfridays are always the worst
  6. And Gorgon brown can go fecking stick it up his arse with his whole cabinet of handwringing fcuktards cnuts
  7. Thats a pretty p1ss poor effort of a rant girl....go on, let it all out, say what you really mean! :lol:
  8. fuckingcnutstruckfcuktarddonkeydickeatingspaffstainedmouthbreathingwankspotedclackfacedshitfeaturedmongoskiplickers.
  9. 8O impressive! that made me moist
  10. i dont mean to steal your thunder halo_jones, but perhaps you will permit my sorry tale of work based frustration ... it will save me posting a new thread along the same lines!

    I ripped my North Face jacket on a broken screw that had been hammered into a filing cabinet lock, although prior to this i had not known it was there.

    on reporting it i was told, 'tough sh1t you cant claim against us our excess is £10 000 - we dont do small claims'. this upset me a little. i went for a poo ... and slipped on the floor that had just been washed but had no warning signs displayed. on the way to report that i saw a row of upturned desks, legs in the air, on a public path between two buildings.

    When i got to reception there were no hard copies of the hazard reporting forms - eventually these were replaced and i filled in all 3 hazards.

    i have just been called for an interview, no coffee - and told in no uncertain terms that they do not expect me to submit a hazard reporting form everytime i spot a hazard ... 'each offical form has to be processed and we can save that work if you just come and tell me quietly'.

    i could have really hurt myself slipping on the wet floor - indeed i am now questioning why i didnt headbutt the wall and claim it anyway - but my thanks for identifying hazards is a big 'fcuk off' and a rip in an expensive jacket.

    i take outdoor activities every week - handling far greater hazards and risks - and am never congratulated, only presented with demands to see risk assessments when someone stubbs a toe ...

    Health & Safety ... Management ... fascists

    *rant over*
  11. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang on! Pretend? I thought that ARRSE was a Tourette's sufferers support group! :?
  12. 'Onfire' allow me to share a 'fuckingcnutstruckfcuktarddonkeydickeatingspaffstainedmouthbreathingwankspotedclackfacedshitfeaturedmongoskiplickers.'

    with you as just ripping the North face would have been E NUFF to to send we on a shoethrowing paddy princess big fuckoff sulky faced FOD

    recollects tearing my buffalo shirt on a helibedford was once enough to reduce me to nuclear rage.


    edited cos im a in fucktard mode
  13. hugs back at you halo ... them all bastardoes
  14. Why w@nktw@ should I support cnutsbollox people that fcuking cnuting lie about tourettes? Its cnutbollox not funny to be like this. :oops: :crying:
  15. Fecking potty mouth :wink: :D

    Your day can only get better