Need to sell my 1897 sword and scabbard

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by m.mus, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. m.mus

    m.mus Swinger

    I need to sell my 1897 Infantry Sword and brown leather scabbard as I'm about to head overseas for a couple of years and can't store this sort of item.

    Does anyone know where it can be sold without giving it away....the scabbard is in v good condition but the blade of the Wilkinson sword has some marks on it (not sure if they can be removed, they're sort of purple/black blotches - but they don't detract from it's niceness when sheathed).

    The basket has the ERII cipher and the nickel plating is quite good on the outside but pitted on the inside where the hand goes.

    Any clues to a decent honest dealer - or someone who might want to buy it for themselves - most welcome.

    Shame eBay don't still allow them to be sold!

  2. h301593

    h301593 Crow

    Loan it to a regimental museum if you might want it back, if not donate a proportion to Holiday for Heroes in an auction on here.
  3. JoeyDeacon

    JoeyDeacon Crow

    Good call - Seconded
  4. m.mus

    m.mus Swinger

    Interesting idea - I shall try and find the auction section of ARRSE and do a recce
  5. JoeyDeacon

    JoeyDeacon Crow

    now is a good time - some members of the site have recently fallen on their swords - I dont have a sword but if I bought yours i could fall on it.

    Do a deal with the hols 4 mob and I'll start the bidding at £75
  6. Vineff

    Vineff Crow

    Did you sell it? I am interested. Sorry if all a bit late - just joined the site and saw this.