Need To Score Some Acid

I don't know whether it was the recent choccy thread which started it but I've developed a craving for acid drop spangles. Does anyone know if they're still made or if there is a suitable substitute on the market.
Before anyone (old enough) remarks about the famous 'gay spangles' advert, acid drops were also one of the flavours of compo sweets so they must be nails.

Advert included to save the sad fcuks having to google for it.

Anything I could say to that would be anticlimax. :p I'll save a copy of the advert though and whip it out on The Snail when it's least expected. ;)
Poor Markintime is dead and gone,
His face we'll see no more,
For what he thought was H2O,
Was H2SO4.

I fank yoo.......

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