Need to save 20 mil ? easy.

Nothing to do with that GEMS bollox...... :D
I'm sure we can all chip in with a few money saving ideas which the MoD could then take on board. My input :-
Why inspect and service them twice a year ? There is no legal requirement to do so and most of them ( especially those in TA units ) don't do enough mileage to warrant this much maintenance.
Why can't we transport troops in the back of Bedfords / Dafs ? The law regarding stopping us using the old bench seats only applies to new vehicles ( no more need to hire mini buses to drive around the ranges ).

Make all Mess functions, Christmas Parties, adventure training and similar functions C1 training. With the exception of Remembrance Sunday, where the days pay for parade goes direct to the RBL. A lot of us donate that anyway.

The precise wording being:

"If its a jolly, or fat cunts will turn up because its an easy weekend, its unpaid. If its military training conducive to the role of the TA being in place to enable the Regular Army to conduct Operations, its paid, with the caveats that:

1. The individual in question has taken part in or enabled the training to take place, not sat in the Bedford for the weekend.

2. The individual in question has passed all MATT's."

Make the 1st weekend of the year a MATT's weekend, all those that don't pass the MATT's at the 1st attempt on that weekend, or on the next attempt if they have a good excuse for not attending, are on C1 training until they do.

Few ideas, but its good for starters. Cutting away the dead wood would save a lot as well, not cutting entire regiments, e.g. the Sig Regts.
save 20 mil by getting the politians to have a pay cut and do some real work for our troops where ever they are posted. btw pay back ur excessive claim. Also the top mod civilians pay freeze and no bonuses tax the bankers and sell the MPs second homes and put there wives on the game.

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