need to put weight on....well i want to get abit bigger

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by killergibbo, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. well i know u need to get the right foods along with going to the gym and working out...but am really skinny around the arm's my mate's have said to buy some weight gain and see what happen's

    am always running and doing sit up's and push up's...ive started to get abit bigger around the upper top arm's but nothing below.

    plus i know the aveg daily intake of cal's for men is 2500.could it be a good idea to try and start having abit more intake of cal's and excising before i eat big main meal's that include alot of cal's

    any help wud be wicked cheer's

    sorry mind my grammer its abit **** lol
  2. Your grammars a bit s***?? Now that's what I call LOL!
  3. Protein + Exercise builds muscles.
    Carbohydrate + Inactivity builds fat
    Both will gain weight but it's the muscle you need to work on
  4. stay away from that weight gain SHIT, puts crap into your system and fucks you up! lol

    just EAT more, that's all you need to do, plenty of meat (chicken breast,tuna,mackerel,salmon,haddock, VEGETABLES!!!, wholewheat PASTA) FRUIT etc... it couldn't be simpler really!!!

    Rule: eat GOOD food, stay away from BAD food lol it's THAT simple haha

    you could try a protein shakes if you don't get enough protein in your diet, but go for maximuscle products if you do, expensive but good!

    to be honest, I wouldn't bother training 'specifically' for weight gain, you will pack on muscle when you train anyway, just as long as you eat right and train right!
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  8. tab, run, swim, lift weights do circuits eat well drink lots of fluid
    you want to be overloading your body do it has a chance to recover and repair its self
    if you want to put on lean muscle mass go to the gym 2-3 times a week and do on one day
    bench press
    lat pulls
    shoulder press
    ab work all five x five reps (make sure the weight is heavy enough to reach voluntary muscler failer at about the 5th rep) except abs do these to failure

    and two days later do
    press ups
    pull ups
    lat raises
    barbell curls
    tricep dips
    lower back back
    and go for 15-20 reps x 4 sets (muscular endurance)
    and eat loads of lean meats and high gi carbs spaced over 5-6 meals a day

    why you want top put mass on is beyond me though if its for the army just work on cardio and circuits (local muscular endurance) and forget about the body beautefull club its not functional and will weight you down if your all for that then at least wait till you get to battalion then bulk up all you want but for phase 1-2 its the old heart lungs and core your gonna have to work on
  9. stop wanking for a long time - like your entire life, youll have bollox like mellons but it certainly put a few pounds on........
  10. cheers for the info lad' really fit am running 1.5mile in 10.20s so am really chuffed with myself but i dont want to get sent home because am under weight
  11. If you want to gain a lot of weight then get married... it certainly seems to work well for females.
  12. eat meals of good protein (like suggested before, lean chicken, tuna, eggs and brown rice are all VV good.) Lots of fresh vegetables for the vitamins and fibre.

    A protein shake like Maximuscle Promax will help. Take one in the morning and one after training and that should keep you topped up.

    Also, consider eating 6 meals a day - smaller portions, mind you rahter than 3 big ones. Worked for me.
  13. Find some one twice as big as you with a bit of gym knowledge and work out with them (obviously not using the same weights)
    Eat more protein
    Add creatine suppliment as this seems to allow you to train a bit harder
    Bench/squats/pullups (proper ones) do the business

    work hard but rest hard as well
  14. Don't use that weight gain stuff - its crap. Do loads of weight training as muscle is heavier than fat. Use decent Creatine suppliment. A tea spoon of good Creatine in the morning with decaf coffee and spoon of sugar and again in the evening, this is called loading, after a week just take it in the morning but you have to do gym work and weight training with it. Its about £20 a tin but should last a month or so.

    Eat lots of protein like egg whites (no yoke), skinless chicken, oiley fish for Omega 3s, brown rice, brown bread etc, decent steak.

    Remember you need to do lots of gym work - you just cant take weight gain stuff out of a tin and assume to look good. It never does exactly what it says on the tin - contary to the picture on it. After a while when you start to see progress you'll get addicted to it - I guarantee.

    Go to a decent gym which is orientated to weight training. Don't worry what you think you look like before training, there are all shapes, sizes, and ages in the gym and all there for their own style of training and benefits, some may even be for medical reasons. A good gym will be really helpful towards your training and you should get an induction. I'm always helping new people on different machines and apparatus.

    Hope this has helped a little.