need to lose a lot of

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by spastic, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. currently weigh 15 stone. rejoining in april/may time, so probably need to lose around 2-3 stone in that time. any ideas? tried eating less, eating healthier, running, gym....nothing is working!

    p.s. i refuse to drink less.
  2. stay fat then.
  3. Unlucky...
  4. Google for stuff to do with the GI diet.

    Not a diet in the traditional sense, but teaches you how to eat healthily, and doesn't require calorie counting and you shouldn't feel hungry doing it(which (being hungry) apparently causes your body to store more fat).

    Although beer is not a good food, as it causes the sugar levels to crash, causing you to store more fat... So unless you change your mind, looks like you're going to stay fat. Tubby.
  5. Eat green chicken.
  6. isn't alkyhole fairly high GI though?
  7. Try the Scarsdale Diet (look it up on Wiki). It is, simple and easy to follow so even someone wanting to re-enlist should be able to follow it. (only a joke but couldn't resist it)
    You have to keep off the beer but you will never feel hungry on this diet.
  8. Yeah apparently it is - hence the need for a kebab after a night out :D

    But I put myself on a GI diet after xmas, after putting on about a two stone since I left a couple of year ago. I've lost about a stone since early Jan, although I expect it will slow down now. And really, the only changes I've done is stopped eating potatoes and white bread, and increased my dairy and fruit/veg intake.

    And, no I do not look, or did look, anything like my profile pic :D
  9. isnt the calorie intake on this diet too low for excercise?
  10. Designer parasites?

  11. Graze eat fruit and veg all day.

    Your body is constantly getting fuel and so therefore does not feel the need to store fat anymore. keep up the cardio exercise. work up the time on your feet and avoid alcohol during the week. just drink at weekends if you really must. try avoiding sugary food but do not stop eating it all together!

    and portion control. some people eat healthly but eat so much that the body goes all over the place.

    I lost 5 stone in 6 months doing pretty much this.
  12. December 1999, I lost a stone and a half in 6 days - do you know anyone with gastric 'flu, who'd be up for a snog?
  13. Up to you, mate, but if you are happy to remain a beer swilling fat fcuk then I would suggest that perhaps you should revise your ambitions to becoming a trolley mong in Tescos car park rather than a lean mean fighting machine.

    If you want to be a successful soldier, and a valuable member of a team/section/platoon/troop/whatever then I suggest that you grow a pair and commit to some serious training, including giving up pissing it up while you train.
  14. No carbs after 5 worked for me about 4 years ago. Lost 3 stone in 3 months, went from 15 to 12 stone.
    Tubbed back up to 14 stone since mind so ive got to do it again.
  15. ok schweik, no need to be such a moody w@nker.

    judging by the replies i guess i'd better stop the drinking. will increase the amount of training i do, and the fruit and veg intake.

    anyone have any positve experience with swimming? if this a good way to lose weight, or is it just for improving cardio fitness?