need to lose 10kg, ideas please

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by yorkie79, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. right lads and lasses
    i need to lose 10kg to get withing the bmi range so as i can re-enlist

    pretty strict on what i eat, 3 meals a day with fruit in between
    lots of water

    exercise wise, i steady state run for 3-4 miles 3 nights a week, fartlek training once, follow this with press ups, sit ups etc
    1 night is circuits

    ive lost 1/2 stone in 5 weeks, so started well but really need to push it now

    anybody got any ideas
  2. eat more banannas, lots of rice & swim
  3. Loads of phys, not too much sleep (you use more energy awake), keep the food, especially fat, under control. I lost kilos when I first joined because of the above.
  4. Do your phys before brekkie,

    Have a snack mid morning

    Light Lunch

    Mid afternoon snack

    evening meal before 1900.

    Drink loads of water too, for your mid morning/afternoon snack try a protein based meal replacement shake SciMix (used to be USN) do a good Diet product. Also try their Xedra cut for faster fat burning.

    It worked for me.
  5. Stop eating, Fatty!!! :D
  6. cut off a leg
  7. For me what worked the best is eat less especially dinner, I eat quite healthy anyways, and must have enough sleep, believe or not, lack of sleep can cause you put on weight, and make you more hungry the next day, drink lots of water, especially before your meal, and eat very slowly, stop as soon as you feel full, you exercise routine sounds pretty good : ) good luck
  8. Have a look at the bmr calculator in the the army fitness sticky. This will give you an idea of how many calories you will need to burn to safely lose weight. Losing 10kg should be doable in two to three months.
    Get a decent breakfast,porridge is good, fill up on veg and fruit through out the day, reduce your red meat intake,up the fish and your wholemeal fibre intake.
    You will need to increase your physical exercise to 5 sessions a week and reach and mantain 70% of your heart rate on 3 of them for 30 mins. Do one session of interval training aiming for 80-85% and stick a longish run in once a week at 60% for about 45 mins to an hour.
    Circuit train 3 times a week and go for the whole body approach. Do squats ,press ups ,sit ups and lunges amongst others.
    Warm up and cool down properly and stretch at the end of the session. Have a look at the army fitness pdf produced by the Guardian again a link is in the army fitness sticky. It will give you some excellent ideas.
    Good luck :)
  9. Or... You could just go running, dead fast!
  10. You've got a bit of work ahead of you there, Yorkie.

    10 kilos = 100,000 calories that you've got to shift. The old adage still holds true: less input (calorie-wise) and more output. Don't believe all this shite about this diet and that diet. Slowly by surely should be your aim.

    I'd recommend the following: eat only fruit for brekkers (as much as you like). Take a normal midday meal, but replace your evening scoff with a high-protein drink. Also drink plenty of water, as you already do, but also tea, fruit juice etc, and try and keep of the bevvies. I'd also recommend a multivitamin tablet and a 500 mg Vitamin C tablet per day to keep your metabolism ticking over. However, that's optional.

    You seem to have made a good start already, just carry on with your phys programme and adjust your scran intake as needed. Congrats on the weight loss you've already achieved, by the way.

  11. How fast? How long? Still eat rubbish and drink like a fish? Thought I would, like a few others give a little more detail ;)
  12. Dead fast, for ages. If you're running dead fast for ages and can still manage food and a pint then you don't need to lose weight.

  13. Porridge for breakfast, whatever you want for lunch, protein but no carbs in the evening. No junk food, lots of water, no alcohol and lots of exercise.


    Litotes (now where's my beer?) :D
  14. Just swim, 4 to 5 times a week for about 40mins to an hour. It'll be gone within a month or less. Guaranteed!

    Forget all those crap exercise/diet plans, swimming = fat loss.
  15. the dominos sizzler has an ingredient that helps you feel the beginning it may make you feel like you are putting on weight but after a few weeks of eating the "sizzler" on a day to day basis you will find out will have lost pounds!