Need to get someone in - hiw much should this cost?

Discussion in 'DIY' started by vampangua, May 13, 2011.

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  1. For various reasons, not going to be able to DIY this so need a steer on cost:

    - completely strip back, fill and repaint exterior (two doors, porch, 10 windows and various bits of external plasterwork.
    - mend/replace a small section of leaky guttering, jet wash off the water stains from the bricks below the leak and repoint if needed
    - replace a cracked downpipe

    How much? In London.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Mate, get three quotes from local companies and pick the one you like best. RTFSP (read the ******* small print) though (meaning terms and conditions).
  3. Thanks!

    I've got two - nothing in writing yet. One from the builders who've been working next door and who seem OK.

    But both seem high. That's why I'm wondering what a reasonable rough figure might be.
  4. I ve been out of the UK for 3 years, although I try to keep myself informed on rates cos I m often back and forth for contracts. I ll use the lower/medium rate for your work. I reckon Labour for No.1 would be 2 Bods (with good equipment) 4-6 days work, 1200-1800 quid, cant help on the material front, I doubt anyone can here without viewing.

    No.2 and 3, one Bod, 1-2 days, so 150-300 quid.

    Obviously dependant on H&S (scaffolds etc), or if they blag it with ladders. I m not clued-up on UK H&S.

    Dont want to teach you to suck eggs, but dont:

    Pay anything upfront, unless its materials which you can pay COD and take possession of them. On completion, thoroughly inspect all work, and only pay if you are satisfied.
    Get a quote, not an estimate, on paper with T&C s
    Dont be blinded by "member of the Guild of the highest paying members" shoite, use recommendations from friends. I d personally go for a professional Painter Decorators for the painting, and a good All-rounder for the gutters and pointing. If theyre worth their salt, they ll give you a guarantee for workmanship (how long that is in the UK I do not know, in FRG its 5 years, thats why most things get done properly here)

    Its not a big job, but its an important one. Dont save at the wrong end on materials, decent paint-systems (Sikkens) are paramount, the better the paint (and its application) the longer your peace of mind.

    Be aware of the "I can do everything" types, they are to 98% a Twat of all trades.
  5. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    ask the local window cleaner if he does decorating as many do and would be glad of the work. growing up with huge houses and hotels in scarborough they were the only ones with the guts to go up that high.

    a 'man that can' advert might end up cheaper as there are a lot of semi retired types out there.