Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mrxman, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. Let me explain....1 week ago the csm told the platoon sgts that he needed to bods for mt, one of them volunteered someone who he wanted to get rid of but the others had no-one to volunteer(mainly because all the lazy types and malcontents have just moved to sp coy bacause they falsely think that this will be an easy life). Basically it came down to 2 of them flipped a coin to decide who would volunteer somebody and then because I have a Cat c license and do not have Afghan experience I was volunteered.

    Frankly I cannot accept this situation because mt is(mainly) either injured bods or the absolute dregs of the battalion, so I see 4 options:
    a) Quietly accept my new posting and do it to the best of my ability
    b) Drag my feet, kick and scream until the rifle companies have some bellend they want to get rid of who can take my place
    c) Fill in a full screw in the mt, thereby(hopefully!!) rendering my position within that company untenable(as some officer might put it!!)
    d) Go whine to the padre about how upset I am(like some people were doing when they were being "badly treated"), unfortunately this is too severely homosexual for my liking

    I am leaning very strongly towards b and c at the moment. There are experienced soldiers on here though and I was wondering if anyone had any other options/advice or maybe might say mt is not the hole that I think it is. Another worry is that I do not want to do a 6 month tour of camp bastion filling out work tickets and fmt's while first parading wagons and drinking brews. So maybe somebody could clarify what mt do as well because the rifle companies have wagons + drivers and rlc will deliver supplies so what do mt do?

    I also want to emphasise that I am not being a prima donna but I do consider that a perfectly fit tom who is not some total incompetant is wasted in mt especially when there are twats hiding away in the nooks and crannies of the battalion who might want to go there or be suited to it.
  2. well fuk then
  3. I think the best option would be for you to kill yourself.
  4. Option A, get on with it.
  5. Longlenny

    Longlenny War Hero Book Reviewer

    Have you thought that you might be the one who is able to sort out the MT section? The boys in the field will be relying on you. Get a grip, man up and soldier on.
  6. You should whinge about it on the internet. And then cry.
  7. Option D. Go on, you know you want to!
  8. I think option d might work best but you really do have to be quite gay to pull it off!!!
  9. You're a fit lad, who I'm guessing isn't as thick as shite, being posted to somewhere that has a pretty big demand on vehicles (I'm guessing your heading to Afghan?).

    Take it as a good thing that your plt sgt has seen fit to send you out there - you're getting experience out there, and he's sending you instead of a waster to do a fairly important job.

    They need those vehicles in top order, working, and ready to go to support lads in the field. Yeah, it might be a crap job in your view, but people are relying on those vehicles for various scenerios in the field.

    Man up, do the time, and you'll be back in time for tea and crumpets.
  10. Do what the fuck you are told you whinging little tosser. You signed up to do the job, now do the fucking job.
  11. No matter how you present it, the MT is the MT. Full of mongs and wasters.
  12. You actually believed the adverts for the army didn't you? Occasionally, and this may come as a shock, YOU HAVE TO DO STUFF YOU DON'T LIKE!

    And I bet you expected sympathy from here as well.... you know where to find it, between sh....
  13. Ha! You must be the platoon mong. Cat C and no Afghan experience? whatever...sounds like you got magged to grid son.
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I don't quite understand you. Could you try and be a little less subtle?
  15. You could always stick pencils up your nose - Shout "Wobble, Wobble" (instead of 'Wibble), then wear your big shiny No 1 parade hat back-to-front, and salute the duty Cook Serjeant in the Cookhosue and ask for a tartan bacon and egg sandwich with you porridge..... :p

    Then go to the Med Centre to have your bell-end certified as 'unfit for action'..... :?