need the upper musles

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by killergibbo, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. well am going though the process of joining the army ive got the legs and everything else but just need to the upper power...

    i need musles lol so has any1 got any idea's what food i sud eat and what i sud do

    am always doin sit up's and push ups...but am still in the same shape

    i run 3 miles a day well jog so is this taking the fat away from me
  2. Don't worry about it too much gibbo as long you a reasonable standard of fitness the PTI's will build you up gradually.
  3. Hi kg

    how old are you mate?
  4. You don't need big muscles to join the army.
  5. I'll agree with that .

    Good physical fitness , will power and a big pair of balls is all you need to start you'll be issued the rest

    But running, press ups, sit ups, press ups and burpess are good for starters. did i mention press ups?
  6. Yep. Muscle endurance is the key, not muscle size.
  7. It wouldn't do you any harm to compliment your press ups and sit-ups with some chin ups. Get a bar from Argos or somewhere and fix it between a door frame and start banging them out. The bars are about a tenner I think.
  8. Try doing some Dip's too,not the one's that come with Chicken Nugget's though :) At this stage don't be worrying about Muscle size,just concentrate on your C/V Fitness and overall Endurance...
  9. cheers guys ya am 20 years old,i smoke and thats abig factor so am in need of quitin cos this is my life and so is the army and i dont wanna lose this chance

    am just waitin on my doctor to sort my medical files out
  10. get in the pool, and do twenty lengths breast-stroke at least once a week.

    It takes the pressure off compaired to bench pressing - and you get a better rotation of movement when exercising
  11. totally agree, ive often heard that muscle size can be a hinderance
  12. It certainly is. Try completing a 10 miler carrying an extra 40lb of muscle! Thank fcuk i gave up bodybuilding years ago!
  13. I'm tall and wiry and have had no problems with fitness, just to reiterate what everyone else is saying, don't worry about it mate, stick with situps, pressups and pullups
  14. In order to increase muscle mass you need to 'take in more calories than what you use' on a daily basis. (please note these must be quality foods)

    There is no easy way of increasing muscle mass and believe me i know this all too well.
    If you are serious, no exercise plan in itself will stimulate an increase in mass alone. diet dictates an increase in muscle mass once suitable stimulation is provided through an exercise plan.

    Depending on weight and other factors i would seriously consider increasing daily protein intake to upwards of 100g a day.

    increasing muscle mass is more of a lifestyle thing to be honest in that hard eraned muscle can be lost with sh1te diet and exercise that isnt geared toward an increase in muscle mass.

    one last thing concentrate on compound weight lifting exercises, these are what put mass on you, not 100's of bicep curls.

    hope that helps
  15. I agree. It always made me laugh seeing blokes performing tricep kickbacks, lateral raises and pec deck in the hope of getting 'big'. Compounds are definitely the way forward, though performing endless sets and using forced reps on every set is not the way forward. More is not necessarily better in regards to acquiring muscle mass. Time off is also an important factor as you only grow out of the gym. Train the same muscle group again before it is sufficiently recovered and you will start to p1ss in the wind eventually.