Need that energy boost.

Hello all,
Could any of you advise me on what foods i should eat to give me a boost of energy at the end of a 10 hour day inside my van. I feel that after driving 400 miles during the day i have not much energy left for my fitness
in the evening. I have stopped eating the usuall greasy spoon food and drinking coke. I dont really have the time to stop for a proper meal during the day due to the mileage, so any sort of food i could take with me during the day would be great. I already eat x1 bannana x1 apple x1 tin of tuna every day.
Any info on "energy" foods would be greatly recieved with thanks.

Not eating much there mate. I presume you have no means to warm anything up? Get a nice, big breakfast, then make up some sandwiches; meat and vegetables on a slow-carb bread (wholewheat etc). Stick with slow-carbs so as to maintain a steady blood sugar level all day, rather than peaking and troughing and making you sleepy/likely to eat junk.

Caffeine (from an energy drink, coffee, tablet, etc) will provide you a little stimulation prior to workout, but I'd worry more about eating better throughout the day

Put very simply, energy comes from carbohydrates.
Trigger696 said:
I dont really have the time to stop for a proper meal during the day due to the mileage

I take it you're not governed by drivers hours then?

Even if you're not, not taking a decent break isn't going to do you or other road users many favours. Having a break might also mean that you're not so cream crackered when you finish a days work.

Try porridge for breakfast before you leave for work. It's quick in the microwave and nice slow release energy rather that starting the sugar / energy rollercoaster 1st thing.
Huge bowl of alpen in the morning always does the trick for me. Then try to eat through the day as well, as 1MR said, a banana, and apple and a can of tuna is hardly one days worth of food lol..


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