Need Support - Hearts for Heroes

Afternoon fellow Arrser's

Ive decided to get off my ample backside and complete a challenge walk / charity event for the Scottish Poppy Appeal / Hearts and Heroes.

Now, the event is 29 miles over rough terrain to be completed in less than 12 hours. Im pushing 40, finished my time in the Army and not to go into to much detail - a little bit the worse for wear after my time serving, so it IS a challenge for me but I think with plenty Stella and Pro Plus I can crack it.

The money raised will go to Poppy Scotland, but what I am going to offer is to match any ARRSE donation via my website with the equivalent donation to Hols for Heroes or Help for Heroes.

Whatever you lot donate - I will match!

Thanks for your support and help, all in a good cause.

So, come on, make a donation on this linky:

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