Need Spyware? Check eBay!

the link for this is

If you're looking for spyware, so reads an ad for "Bluetooth Spy Pro-Edition," one of nearly 200 mobile phone spyware products currently listed for sale on eBay. The software, which costs as little as US$3.99, can be used to view photographs, messages and files on the phone, listen into phone conversations, and even make calls from the phone being spied upon.

Security experts are concerned, because while these products aren't illegal, installing them without authorization to spy on someone else most definitely is. And that's exactly what some of these products seem to be advertising. "You can now easily find out who your partner, business associates, friends have been in contact with," reads the Bluetooth Spy ad. "Whether you are suspicious of an affair, or would just like information that will help progress your career, you can now do all of the following using your mobile phone, and the person you are targeting will not suspect a thing. Guaranteed!" Another spellcheck-free ad claims that "You will now be able to establish who your freinds associates and husband/wife have been conversating with, you can read messages, even download them to your own phone or laptop, view their information and pictures."
There was a recent article on this in PC Pro and can be read online here

In some respects its the usual media over reaction, and late as always. I would hazzard to say that the ebay stuff is people trying to make a fast buck as Bluejacking is getting more widely known, even though the number of phones that can actually be Bluejacked is very limited. After all, if you are gullible enough to buy the software, who are you going to complain to when it doesnt work as described? "Please Mr Policeman, the software I brought to spy on other peoples phones, doesnt work Waaaaaa"

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