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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by JuniorBod, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. Chaps

    I'm trying to kill some of the orphan links in the arrsepedia and want to link the following trades to the signals page.

    # Yeoman Of Signals (National Communications)
    # Yeoman Of Signals (Ptarmigan)

    My question is are they still valid trades or have they been replaced, if so with what.

    Forgive my ignorance but I don't just want to just insert the links in the page if the information is out of date, any info or context would be appreciated.


  2. a yeomans course is just about to finish
  3. The Yeomans' course covers all aspects of comms and is not restricted to either Ptarmigan or National comms.

    A jack of all systems if you like :D
  4. So its a module on a course?

    I cant just add them to the listed Supervisory Roles

    * Foreman of Signals (FOS)
    * Supervisor Radio
    * Supervisor Information Systems
    * Yeoman of Signals (YOS)

  5. Don't quote me on this...

    I think the YoS (Ptarmigan)/(National Comms) is some sort of TA distinction.

    Obviously your average TA YoS doesn't have the bettter part of a year to swan off to Blandford and complete his course. Thus their courses are slightly cut down.

    Ask Polar, or some of the other TA Sig types.

    In the Regs there is NO distinction, it is just YoS.
  6. it is a course so you can add the links
  7. They are (were?) TA courses.

    With the TA being unable to dedicate the necessary time to qualify as a YofS "of all trades" as Hlecter rightly puts it, their reduced TA YofS courses will be more specific to role.

    Polar will be on at daft o'clock in the morning to put the definitive on the table but IMHO I believe that NCRS is now out of the window so the National Communications YofS is fairly redundant (although notwithstanding the re-role of some NCRS units I believe their may be some NC YofS still knocking about).

    The Ptarmigan one remains, I would suggest, extant (and will do for a while to come yet).

    Hope this helps.
  8. Why don't they simply modularise the TA YofS course? e.g. they can do courses on CNR, trunk, crypto, satcom and so on. Then once they have passed those pre-requisites, they can top'n'tail the course with a week or two at Blandford. Back to the mess for tea and medals.
  9. Have posted this draft in YofS page:

    Apparently in the TA there were two TA specific roles for YofS namely [[Yeoman Of Signals (National Communications)]] and [[Yeoman Of Signals (Ptarmigan)]], it is not sure if these roles survive.

    If anyone disagrees please speak out.

  10. How much time do you think these people have to give PD?

    A two-week course (in lieu of camp) on each of those subjects you mention will consume the annual camps of 4 training years for the average TA bod. Your week or two at Blandford will be another year as well.

    That is assuming that you would keep the quality of training by not seeing it distributed? If you would see distributed YofS training (or pre-requisite training) then I have no doubt that people will qualifying earlier but I would suggest that this will also see nepotism and/or an inherent drop in standards .

    They need to be qualified in relatively realistic times, hence the reason why TA YofS do not complete anything like their regular counterparts and will complete a 2-week TA YofS qualifying course (in addition to a number of other pre-requisites). Additionally they are (as the name suggests) Territorial and therefore highly unlikely to be posted out of role so the need for a multitude of skills is negated.
  11. I have no problems with any of those very well articulated points, E-Layer. I've never worked with the TA so I wouldn't even pretend to be an expert, merely asking the question as an interested outsider. Good points about quality control and nepotism.