Need some quick help

Hello all,

I am currently working with my country's passport office (Commonwealth) to get a new passport in order to satisfy the 4.5 year requirement upon application. In order to do this I have had to ask them to cancel my previous passport which had about two years remaining and issue me a new one.

They will do this for me but have asked for some documentation to prove that this is indeed the requirement prior to applying. As of now I have sent them the initial e-mail from recruiting which instructs me on what is mandatory in order to apply. That said, I would also like to send them something more official and I wondered if anyone might be able to direct me to the document which forms the basis for this requirement so I could forward them a copy.

Thanks all.
Ask the ACIO for a letter stating the requirement on headed paper, remeber you have not yet got a job and they will state that in the letter, they should produce it for you no problem.

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