Need some physio advice

I'm a TA soldier . ON July 14th this year , I tore / wrenched /strained , call it what you will , my achillees tendon , left ankle . It took me out of work (HGV driver ) for seven weeks . Doctor recommends physiotherapy on it to prevent recurrent damage , but our fab NHS says at least six months wait before I see anyone usefull . As i've been out of work nearly two months I'm so skint I can't may my mortgage , let alone go private . Can any one out there give me any advice to
a / fix it and
b/ some way of stopping me turning in a fat bloke , now I cant run . Press ups and sit ups still at 65 and 40 a day , but I cant run more than 500 meters . Age 43 .
Had similar problems with achilles tendons, try lots of swimming, static bike cardiovascular stuff. You need proper physio advice obviously but in the mean time dont run on it at all or you will just keep breaking down. If you can get in a gym look at leg presses on the multi gym to strenghten your legs as you have to be able to lift 120% 0f your body weight with individual leg lifts really before attempting running again.

Plenty of walking aswell, obviously when doing any of this if you get pain stop immediately. You probably knew this anyway.
OK . haven't tried the swimming . Bit difficult here . 120 % of body weight on each leg ? I put a standard 15 kilo bergan on the other day and made it 100 yards before the ankle packed up on me !
Something thats gripping me is that despite endless TA doctors exams, my PSAO seems to think I'm trying to pull a fast one . Can I be sacked / medically discharged for this , and if so , on what time scale . My chances of passing a PFT are slim and a CFT , not happening .
Sorry will explain better I did this on my rehab. dont start carrying weight until you can lift 120% of body weight on each individual leg. Check what weight you can manage on each individual leg first then do reps on each leg (6 reps of 6). After my inital problem i could only lift around 75% of my weight and have increased gradually increasing slightly by a few kg every week if possible. Once you reach your target easily with no pain then start to run/tab with slight weight and increase. You really need to see a specialist for advice though.

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