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Need some left-hand drive headlights

I am starting a new job in mainland Europe at the end of the summer, so I need to get some left-hand drive headlights for my rather old but still fully roadworthy VW Golf Mk 4. I remember from my BFG days (RAF Laarbruch, late 1990's) that there was a good trade in second hand headlights, so people newly arrived in Germany could normally buy them, get them fitted, then on returning to the UK remove them and sell them on to someone else.
So, I was wondering if anyone has a set they don't need any more that they are happy to sell to me? If so, please let me know! I would need them by end of July at the latest. Many thanks.
Ex BFG Crab


Book Reviewer
I never bought any, I swapped my right hand for left hand drive and swapped them back again when I left. I used the forces paper at the time, don't know if there's an online version of it.

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