Need some int on Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

Ok Arrsers, need some gen on Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). Apparently the estranged wiife has suddenly got this shit and it's now affecting my kids!

Anyone in the medical profession that can help me out on this one, would be the bestest of the best!!!!!


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PKD is not that common. Cysts on the kidneys, however, are. A decent urologist will be able to confirm or deny the difference. If it's the latter, accept it, keep an eye on them and crack on with normal life. Bit of personal experience, you see.

PKD, on the other hand, isn't fun apparently.

How's it affecting your kids? It's not a guaranteed inherited issue so is it a case of the ex playing leverage or are the bairns getting dragged in on the emotion side?
Cheers smudge, had already done a bit of googleing. I'm really after some 'inside' info, as I think the ex is using it as a hold over my older kids who are still at home and throwing their own lives away helping that bitch out!
No worries. I wasn't sure exactly what you were looking for.
My father had PKD. It's a bloody serious condition. You can't 'get it' - you are born with it. You get multiple cysts on your kidneys, which over the years progressively multiply until your kidney function packs in, usually in your late '40s or early '50s. (which can and will kill you). When the cysts burst you can get serious pain and blood in your urine. There is no cure; the only treatment is dyalysis or a kidney transplant. Dyalysis used to be common, but I understand that these days they transplant much more routinely. I believe that there are drugs which can help supress some of the symptoms.

If you have PKD, you have a 50% chance of passing it onto a child. Both my brother and sister have it, but I do not. I'm afraid that it is quite likely that some of your kids have it too. It doesn't really cause too many problems until adulthood. It used to be the case that kids were tested in their late teens when the cysts had become visible and they were mature enough to handle the implications. Testing is by ultrasound.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news - but I hope that helps a bit.
Thanks for the info - especially Gun Nut!

My main concern is how she lives with the condition. She seems to rely on the two eldest - especially my daughter who turned 21 yesterday! The ex only works a couple days a week and that is as an associate tutor at a university, thus emotionally blackmailing my kids to work to support her, as opposed to working for their own future!

I am basically worried that she has some sort of mental illness as well ie. Munschausen!
Gun-Nut is correct... however its not all bad news.... one of my best mates has it ....older kids both tested and clear ... he is in his mid/late 50's ... dad to a 2 year old.... has the polycyst's that are being held at bay by medicine with a very good prognosis of a long and healthy life.
Your kids may well be in the clear... depending on age they may want to know or not if it will affect them.
Emotional blackmail is wrong..... if the kids are old enough then let them know the facts .... get the ex to get in touch with a support group and let your kids get on with their own lives

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