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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by airbornestorm, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. Spent ten years in the Royal Engineers and left last year. I am rejoining very soon into the AGC. I have had very little info on Phase Two at worthy down which i have to complete. Any info on the course or other relevant things would be really appreciated. The AFCO did not have much!!!
  2. AS - I would suggest you take your sense of humour to share around at WD! The people there don't seem to have one :twisted: Serious point though - go there with an open mind about the AGC (we are not all useless shiney Arse Clks who fcuk up pay) and a willing to learn and you will do well :D A car is useful, as it is a few miles from Winchester. I am an Ex Engineer and I haven't done to badly in the AGC. Some guys I joined up with 23 years ago are still Cpls :oops:
  3. Go with an open mind and just take what the Instructor Gestapo say with a pinch of salt. Phase 2 is a piece of p - providing you have a bit of savvy about you, (and if you have done 10 years previous, you probably have). Relax, study hard and dont smack any gobby little fcukers that have just come across the road and think they are the dogs danglies. Car is a must, its about a tenner into town by cab.
  4. AS,

    PM me with your e-mail and I'll put you in contact with one or two bods who are working there. They'll be able to provide you with the course timetable and syllabus which is always helpful.

  5. its now 11 weeks i no that but cant tell u much as all changed due to jpa!
  6. I realise you may be new, but PLEASE dont do text speak on here its so chavy!! :wink: