Need some help.

Discussion in 'REME' started by BitterandTwistedArtisan, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. I need a little help here and no urine taking, please. I have a number 2's inspection on thursday and i just got my number 2's out of the tailoresses.
    I have a small problem that where do the collar dogs go? I know they go on the collar before you start! Where on the collar? bottom bit or top!
  2. I detect a wah.
  3. Top with the donkeys looking inwards. What colour are those No 2's, better get ironing :D
  4. Cheers The_IRON.
  5. Oh, you were serious.
  6. You nasty nasty man dragstrip I hope Santa doesnt empty his sacks on you at Xmas for being an unbeliever :twisted:
  7. Well, it's done now. So i hope you were right The_IRON.
  8. 100% sure its at the bottom B&T, so dont worry. :D
  9. The old double bluff eh. :?
  10. I detect a wah too.....

    1. WTF is going on with those ribbons??? If you have 5 then the single one goes in the middle of the 4 on a new row...
    2. The dogs go on the top part of the collar
    3. Is that a pay statement covering up the name???
    4. Are those really No2's, geezus...they need some serious squaring away
  11. Emptyeye!
    I have 6 ribbons. The ribbons were put on by the tailoress who makes her own rules up about dress regs. Yes it is a pay statement and yes they are No2's that require ironing.
    So i will leave them at the bottom of my bed. Be a good lad and get em squared away..
  12. Ok, so you have 6..they are still wrong...the 5th and 6th go on the top in the middle of the bottom 4......get the tailores squared away first..and....if I had to do your kit...just slip a couple of £20's in the top pocket first..and....ill promise not to wipe my bell end on the collar before you put them on...just to make your day... :D :D :D
  13. You're such a nice guy emptyeye. :D
  14. No flies on you guys, your observation skills are bang on the money tonight :D
  15. Bitter and twisted corporal eh, I wonder why.....

    If you don't know where the ribbons go, then perhaps you're one of those walts that derserve the attention they get around here....